Debate over tier lists

So this is me talking to a bunch of my boys on skype talking about whether tier lists hold any sort of meaning. im the one saying they do, and untouchable4rce is the one who is supporting me. everyone else is against me. tell me what you guys think becuase i really feel that i am right. my views are tier lists aren’t something to live and die by BUT they are a tool used to know what characters will give you a hard time. some games they mean more than others but especially in SF4 and SSF4 you can play anyone.



I like to fight in games

don’t we all?

So I was all like “I’m going to look for threads that are in the wrong forum”

oops. my bad i clicked the wrong one lol.

Honestly, people would bitch over a Rock Paper Scissors Tier List.

OH TEH NOEZ My efforts are futile!

Surely untouchable4rce is a cover screen name for another screen name that he’s keeping anonymous. Please tell me that’s the truth.

untouchable4rce isnt a member on srk as far as i’m concerned. it is his youtube name.

cool story bro

My ice maker stopped working but i was able to fixed it…Im top tier!

I can relate.

I know someone who thinks tier lists don’t exist and then proceeded to tell me Storm sucks in X-men vs Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom 2. So every character is equal but clearly Storm is the absolute worst character in both of those games.

“Do you know what happens to a toad when it’s struck by lightning? The same thing that happens to everything else.”

I always thought you were a mod :sweat:

“untouchable arse”…?

I like how there are tier lists for Mario Kart.

There is a pizza in front of you with pepperoni and now you must choose…Pineapple or Mushrooms.

Choose your destiny!

Is there a tier list for closed threads?