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everytime i create and post new art, it will be updated within the next three posts.

this first post will be avatars, the next two will be graphics/photography (within one post) and illustration…
that way its more organized. keep in mind that some of this work is old and some is a little more recent. ok, enough talking:






(i guess i’ll throw random stuff in this section (read: post)*

That shit is pretty dope.

Got any finished examples of tagging? I assume you do it.

Also, did you talk to TFGM? Like to hear back from you on that.

i haven’t heard anything from Triforce…i’ll try asking again, though.

the Attitude Era is back, folks:
(i had a lot of time on my hands…)

…and Gambit is revealed as the sixth member…

Lots of interesting stuff in here. Really digging your style.

I’d be keen to see what you’d come up with if some one gave you a box of cans and blank wall to play with :slight_smile:

funny you should mention that…i plan to go writing again pretty soon. meanwhile…


This week on Monday Night WAR, Krule stormed out of the locker room and confronted the general manager, Gambit, in the center of the ring in front of millions of people. Krule demanded a title shot against the Heavyweight Champion after he became the number one contender on last week’s WAR. Gambit seemed unwilling to grant Krule that opportunity…he said the current champ brings in better ratings. That led to an argument in which Krule got in the face of Gambit. Gambit looked helpless but members of the nWo came to his aide. the Punisher, 1 half of the tag team champs, proceeded to lay Krule out as Gambit watched on. The heavyweight champion strutted in the ring, strumming his title belt and gloated as he revealed that Gambit had been working for them all along.

Yesterday night, on Beatdown, Gambit came out with the rest of the new world order and made a stunning announcement: “I’m going to give the ppl what they want. There will be NO title shot unless Krule defeats the Punisher in a no holes barred, no rules, Grudge Match which will take place during Spring****SLAM!”

the grudge match is sponsered by Sunkist? Soda and will take place at the annual Sunkist? Spring****SLAM on May 12th. Special guest referee, Strider Hiryu, will officiate.


Good shit Motoki!

Stepping your game up like always.

i like your drawings :slight_smile:

still waiting on u to do some ctf people in ur style…


thx for the compliments…i’m taking more pics tomorrow, probably.

…enjoy. pics from the “pay per view” will be in the toys section later… and i’m gonna chill with a friend and take new pics tomorrow. oh…i gotta re shoot because the good stuff came out blurry and the lighting was bad, but i took these two days ago:

i’m not that good with photography yet, but i get a lil better each time i take pics…so i’m going to keep experimenting.

another sbtg pic:

Props Debs, i shoulda check yo art Campaign sooner–the nWo ish with the figures is crazy. Any chance i can get to re-live Nitro i take…lol.

Yo can you make that pic of punisher a signature size for me? That shit looks ill with the nWo on the skull like that.

Your art is hot also, you gotta slick style. That comic strip with Oro looks really ill.

Now where i gotta go to read about the ppv??

“footage” from Monday Night WAR

Cue the obligatory long and boring promo from the number one contender, Krule:
" and the Punisher…will be PUNISHED."

–Cuts to the current match.

Commentators: This is a great match, folks. You’re looking at Kraven, the former cruiserweight champ, take on the special referee for this Saturdays SpringSLAM main event.

Commentators: WOW!! Did you see that? Off of the SUNKIST BOOOOOOX!!! Yeah, he’s done. Is he gonna go for the 3 count?

Commentators: No, the submission! Is he gonna tap? is he gonna tap?!

Commentators: wait a minute! What’s HE doing out here?

*camera pans to the left to show the Punisher walking to the ring from the entranceway *

the Punisher climbs in the ring

grabs the mic

the Punisher: ey…stop the match, stop the match for a sec, mein. I got something to say…

Commentators: Spare us…

the Punisher: Ey yo…(long pause) ey…yo…check it out, mein…looks around (long pause)

the Punisher: …yo…ya…you know what i’m sayin’? (Commentator: not really)
…yo, that midget, Krule; his career is DONE…the match, this saturday…when i’m finished with him…he’s gonna be standin’ in line collecting his stamps from WIC.

Commentators: …Ladies and gentlemen, I can’t believe what he just said, but we don’t condone his actions…we don’t support him or the organization that he represents at all.

looks at strider hiryu

oh you don’t like that? we don’t gotta wait until saturday; you can meet me down there.

audience: down where?

the Punisher: down HERE!!

Commentators: …wow…can we continue the match now? Where’s security? I don’t get paid enough for this…

haha. the match goes on after the Punisher leaves…i’ll post the rest of it tomorrow. check out the Punisher segment though.

Lmao!! omg great Scott Hall/Punisher promo–especially the down there!! lmao oh man, where the hell are my old wcw thunder tapes…lol

Great ish Debs

thx. tomorrow i’ll post the conclusion of that match and the promo that follows it.
on thursday i’ll post pics/info on the payperview. shit will be dope i promise.

after that i’ll work a lil on my comic and probably take some more pics and give the toys a rest for a few. actually…i might make the toys a weekly thing…and then at the end of each month or two, i’ll do the payperview, just like real wrestling.