[Dec 10, 2011] Beantown Beat Down 2.0 (Boston, MA)

Brain Box JP is a new gaming Venue in Boston, Mass that has opened its doors to all of our favorite fighters and players looking to go pro. We have designed league play and offer cash prizes to top three over the course of our season. Seasonal prizes range from 250-2500!! Great opportunity to get paid for something that you already do, not to mention practice and constant leveling up. Weekly cash tourneys are available and chip night will be an opportunity to play money matches all night long.

We will also be hosting our first SF4AE and Ultimate Marvel tournament December 10th. Casual play will begin at 12 noon and the competitions will begin at 2:30. Bring your WIRED controllers and your best game.

Entry Fee for SF4AE(PS3 of XBOX360): $10.00
Venue Fee $5.00

Entry Fee for UMVC3(PS3 of XBOX360): $10.00
Venue Fee $5.00

Paying the first three places 65/20/15

We should be good to go with all the setups we got. Things should be finished pretty quickly the day of the tournament.

I’ll be there. Can’t wait!

I’ll go. I need more salt in my diet.

Doctors will be on call due to all the sodium intake.

Thread’s not as active as I’d hoped it would be. Come on, Boston!

Hmm, could be interesting.

There’s a gaming charity event this saturday. http://www.gp4cp.org/

You should spread the word about your place, because I had literally no idea it had opened up.

Is the tournament gonna be on PS3 or Xbox360? I don’t understand “PS3 of Xbox360”. Also will there be parking? Food and drinks allowed? And can friends come to spectate?

Just goes to show that we have a lot of work to do in Boston. Hopefully these flyers we are going to put out for our upcoming tournament will spread the word.

I will definitely spread the word and thanks for the heads up.

Yeah sorry about the confusion. We will be having the tournaments on both systems. So there will be an entry fee for any system a participant would like to compete in. It is OPTIONAL to compete in both. There will also be a payout for each system for each game. So if you want to enter Ultimate tournament for xbox then you pay and entry fee for Ultimate on xbox. If you also want to enter Ultimate for playstation then you pay an entry fee for Ultimate on Playstation. If you place top 3 in one or both systems for a particular game then you get paid TWICE. Any other questions let me know.

Yes friends can come spectate free of charge.

Unfortunately, circumstance just threw me a curveball and I won’t be able to attend.

Hey do you have an idea of how many people are attending? I wanna go, but only if there’s a decent amount of people.

The turnout is expected to be pretty good. I am not sure how far you have to travel but it should definitely be worth the attendance. As of right now I don’t have an exact number of guarantees.

Wait I’m confused so there are two tourneys for each game? One for each game? The venue fee is only a one time fee, right? Like if I wanna enter UMvC3 on PS3 and 360 then I have to pay $25?

Me and a couple friends are going.

Yes $25. One venue fee. One entry fee for each console.

that’s gonna run a lot of time.

anyone got a “Wired” ps3 controller i can use?

Is there gonna be parking?