[LEFT]UCC Sanctioned Event - Earn Ranking points toward seeds at UCC in the Spring[/LEFT]

[LEFT]*** TEXAS BAR FIGHTS Proudly Presents ROUND VI ***[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Texas Bar Fights is where you PLAY MORE and get PAID MORE!!![/LEFT]


[LEFT]Saturday, December 10th, 2011[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Sign up 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM - Please make arrangements to arrive early so the tournament can start on time as much as possible[/LEFT]

[LEFT]3000 Custer Rd, Suite 345[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Plano, TX 75075[/LEFT]

[LEFT]–Tournament Schedule–[/LEFT]
[LEFT]There will be a staggered start to all the tournaments because many people will be crossing over different tournaments.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Here is a proposed schedule:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]BLAZBLUE:CS, Ultimate MARVEL 3 and MORTAL KOMBAT 9 will start @ 2:00 as soon as the brackets are completed[/LEFT]
[LEFT]SSF4 AE and 3rd STRIKE will start around 30 minutes after the other tournaments get a head start[/LEFT]

[LEFT]–NEW LOWER VENUE FEE/Game Entry Fees-- There will be a one time $5 venue fee when you sign up.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]BLAZLUE:CS2------------------------------------------$5 on XBOX[/LEFT]
[LEFT]ULTIMATE MARVEL vs CAPCOM 3 ----------------$10 on XBOX[/LEFT]
[LEFT]MORTAL KOMBAT 9---------------------------------$10 on PS3[/LEFT]
[LEFT]SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4 A.E.------------------ $10 on XBOX[/LEFT]
[LEFT]THIRD STRIKE OE------------------------------------$5 on XBOX[/LEFT]
KING OF FIGHTERS 13---------------------------------$5 on XBOX
[LEFT]SSF4 2v2 or MvC3 2v2---------------------$5 per team member ($10 a team) with time permitting and interest[/LEFT]
[LEFT]REDEMPTION TOURNAMENTS for SSF4----$10 entry Eight man tournaments winner takes all[/LEFT]

[LEFT]The tournament format is Double Elimination for all games. Pot split 70/20/10 (except REDEMPTION Tourneys which is 100% to winner)[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Not satisfied with your performance in the main tournaments? Wanna make some money against a smaller field? We will be holding 8 man double elimination side tournaments for SSF4! Only if you get eliminated out of the main event can you participate. The first 8 players to sign up begin the first redemption tourney. We will be doing this repeatedly all day long (every time we get another 8 people signed up, another tourney will begin!) $10 per player Winner takes all $80!!![/LEFT]

[LEFT]Asus Screens: The same ones used at EVO to ensure NO LAG and that the tournament moves along quickly. Each screen has their own set of separate speakers so everyone can hear everything. HUGE venue with plenty of room and lots of good food and beer![/LEFT]


[LEFT]Finals matchs will be played on a Head to Head set up and projected onto two big screens for everyone to watch with ease![/LEFT]

[LEFT]Please, please, PLEASE eat and drink at the venue. THE FRANCHISE Grill and Bar has a great menu full of really good food and lots of beers/shots to choose from.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]–Jeff (pkrstdnt) and Kent (FocusFlute)[/LEFT]

KoF 13?

edit: ?

So does this have an age limit? This is insanely close to me, but I dont want to show up to learn I cant participate lol.

Edit: Also was wondering if any MK is going to be streamed? I dont know how much equipment you have, and Im guessing you will want to stream SF and MvC. It doesnt matter either way, I was just curious.

No KOF13? That comes out nov 22.

Needs King of Fighters XIII! I hate Mortal Kombat on ps3 so much. Kratos stage and laggy xrays are really annoying…

Kratos is banned at this right? Also that stage should be banned, at least that is how it has been at other tournaments. Also no good player really uses X-rays unless it is finishing off the match.

Liking the new location… KoF 13?

We can have KoF…probably $5 entry to encourage participants. I will update the main post

Yeah its banned, but really annoying (popped up about four times for me last time, didn’t know I was playing smash bros.) and I use X-ray… Anyways, I’m going to try to make it to this event, especially to support Mortal Kombat and King of Fighters XIII. If I don’t show up I’m most likely playing Modern Warfare 3

I’ll try and make it. Last one was fun.

Thanks guys.

I meant most people dont use them unless their character doesnt require a lot of meter management or you see a huge opening and want to get the X-Ray off.

Excited for this. One question, will there be some casuals for game’s like Mk before the pools? Long story short I have an adapter that doesnt work and was hoping to test out the new controller before the pools. I have no idea what the schedule is or the venue looks like, so i understand if it doesn’t happen. Was just curious if there will be, either way I just have to remember to do a button check lol.

Oh yeah and before I forget, Kratos in MK is banned right? If not I need to start looking at some videos and seeing what im going up against. Thanks again for running this.

I’m making no promises, since I have nothing to do with helping run the tournament, but I have never been to a tournament where casuals weren’t held before hand for a game that was featured in the tournament.

Here is a proposed schedule for the singles tournaments.

2:00pm - Marvel, BB, MK
3:30pm - SF, kof
4:30pm - 3S

We will have casuals open as soon as we get setup.

Thats great, Ill be sure to get there early then.

Edit: ONE last question XD What is the stream schedule looking like? On TYM they have a bunch of tournaments listed and I posted about this one, if MK is streamed it could be on the front page and it might get the tournament some viewers. I know there is a lot of great games there though, I am just curious.

Theres always something new I learn at tournaments, I hope to make it to this one.

Hey guys, we are live from Texas Bar Fights Round 6 at The Franchise in Plano, TX. We’ll be streaming Marvel and Street Fighter. Check it out at http://www.boomgorillas.com!

Congrats to all the winners, especially Ice, Coosco, and Dark555 in MK. Was great getting in so many casuals with you guys. Im actually trying to learn BlazBlue as well, so maybe next time I can sign up for more than one game lolXD

Here are the results