[Dec 11, 2011] Console Combat: Cleveland Ohio Dec 11th (Parma, OH)

Console Combat!
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baaaaaacckkkkkkkkk! Exciting times right now with the release of KOF and UMVC. AE v.2012 is looming. This week we will complete the console combat tournament season 1 following games: Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo and Super Street Fighter 4: AE. There will be pot bonuses for both events.

Be sure to take care of the venue and tip your servers!

The raffle! Free food, free microsoft points, and another prize to be announced at the venue.

The schedule for the day!

2 pm Free Entry! Sonic the Hedgehog Speed Run. Take your shot at the fast run through on level 1. No continues. If there is a tie… we will go to level 2. Whoever has the fastest time… will have their food for the day paid for!

2 pm SSF4AE Casuals on the stream.

4 pm SSF4 AE Tournament Season 1 finale. Singles Tournament, $10, Standard Rules, $100 pot bonus

530 pm Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo Tournament Season 1 Finale ($100) Pot Bonus for 1st.

630 pm UMVC3 Singles, $5

630 pm KOF13 Singles, $5

Next Week, Dec. 18th, will be the SSF4 AE Tournament Seaons 1 Finale with a $110 pot bonus for first place. Starts at 4 pm.