[Dec 11, 2011] Family Fun Arcade MvC3 Bi-Weekly Tournaments (Granada Hills, CA)

Game: Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Platform: Xbox 360
Date: Sunday July 10
Start Time: 4pm Registration, 5pm Start time(Estimated)
End Time: 9-10pm (Estimated)
Location: Family Fun Arcade, 10363 Balboa Blvd, Granada Hills, CA
Phone: (818) 360-0419
Fees: $7 per person ($5 pot, $2 house)
Prizes: 70/20/10% of Registration Pot for 1st/2nd/3rd Place



-This is a Double-Elimination tournament, best 2 of 3 games per match. If you lost your first match, YOU ARE STILL IN.
-All characters (Shuma Gorath and Jill Valentine included) are legal.
-Games are 2/3 rounds, 99 Timer.
-Winning player must keep the same characters within the same match (but may switch order). Opponent may counter-pick.
-Double-blind character selection available upon request for the first game per match.
-No restriction on infinite combos or characters. Glitches are allowed if they do not crash (soft-crash or hard-crash) the game.
-Sudden Death: In the event of a tie, BOTH players will take a loss. If it comes down to the final match for both players, then a Sudden Death blind-pick single game will determine the outcome.
-Controller Failure: If you suspect your controller of malfunctioning, immediately raise your hands to halt the match. You **may not retroactively **call control failure after a round or match has finished. This will be penalized as a Forfeiture if abused to gain an advantage in a match.
-DQ/Forfeiture: If you cause interference during a match (due to pausing or physical distraction), you are subject to forfeiture of the round (Exception: We might overlook this if done in the middle of a static super animation). If it is deemed intentional, you may be subject to a two-round forfeiture or outright disqualification.
-Cover-My-Ass-Clause: In case of a dispute that is covered by this ruleset, final decision will be made by a judge. In the case of an event not covered by this ruleset, all decisions made by judges are final.

may 29th eh? Can’t wait for 2012

lol i thought I changed it but it didnt save before

Just might come through today if other plans fail…

Here is the play list for the 7/10/2011 tournament

it was pretty fun

you guys don’t play this on PS3, as far as the Marvel vs Capcom 3 goes?

yeah its on xbox360. there are normally house sticks though…

do we have to use the sticks or can we use the normal controllers

you can use the normal controllers.

Are they TE sticks used in house? Or Hori? (And are we allowed to bring our own?)

the in house sticks are TEs and you are allowed to bring your own