[Dec 16, 2011] Local Battles presents... Salty Battles 8 - $250 Pot Bonus (Fort Lee, NJ)


Local Battles, Chocolate Lemon and 8WayRun presents Salty Battles 8!
$250 Pot Bonus provided by NYChris “Come Take his Money” G

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

When: Friday, December 16th| 5:00 PM Casual start time | 6:30PM Brackets start
Registration Fee: $10.00
Venue Fee: $10.00
1207 Anderson Avenue
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
stream by 8WayRun

Transportation from NYC:



Take A,C,E to Port Authority
Walk up 1 block, located on Anderson Ave between Plateau Ave and Central Blvd
(Last bus Back to NYC is 2:10 am)

UMVC3 will be held on Xbox360
BYOC (Bring your own Controller) for tournament
Venue Fee includes wrist band for Casual play starting at 5:00 PM until the Stream is closed.
Free Spectating
Game Rules
Brackets by Phire
Clock on 99 seconds
Winner keeps Team (Characters, Assists and Order must be exactly the same)
Sets are 2 out of 3 Matches
Losers and Winners finals will be 3 out of 5 matches
Grand Finals are 3/5 matches, Winner from Losers must win 2 sets while Winner from Winners only needs to win 1

$250 Pot Bonus personally sponsored by @NYChrisG
If he wins, he will roll over the Pot Bonus to #SaltyBattles9

Sweet. Definitely wanna try to make this.

OK, some RT here.

A) Should we allow Skarlet and Kensi?


are skarlet and kensi banned from evo? i’d stick to test your might/evo ruleset

This is 995Phil… without a doubt, Skarlet, Kenshi, AND Rain will be banned until after EVO. This is a pre-cursor to EVO, so the same ruleset should be used. No Kratos(if we use PS3), no Kratos Stage, no Street Stage, no DLC costumes, no DLC characters.

Sup … if I go I’ll probably go 0-2 like I do, so is it cool if I photograph the remainder of the event after that? Trying to step my photo game up, and LB would be a nice venue to shoot.

going for marvel and ae this time.

Proper Artwork is finally updated. We were playing around with going PS3 for MK9 but it would not be on a nice split screen setup so we might postpone introducing PS3 for until SB4. North NJ MK9 scene is starting to grow strong.

Updated Artwork yet again!

looks like im going to this one too huh well it should be a blast hope you guys wont mind

Hey Del1rium, We would be more than happy if you would like to photograph our event. Feel welcomed to do so. :slight_smile:

Update: MK9 Rules from 995Phil has been posted. MK9 will run on PS3 after all.

Awesome … looking forward to it.

ends up i got work on friday until 6:15. not sure if i can drive out there either. if anyone can scoop me up from my work or my place both in wyckoff let me know. NEED that offline play.

1 day away folks! Get this event hyped via FB, Twitter, TXT, SneakerNet and old school smoke signal.

Confirmed MK9 Talent>
EMP Tom Brady
Jim Coastin

and much more

I am gonna say maybe for now.

New Videos

NEW VIDEO> How to get to Local Battles from NYC
NEW VIDEO> How to get to NYC from Local Battles

To all those asking from various places - Yes, Local Battles is Air Conditioned. See you guys in a few hours :slight_smile:

Big thanks to the LB staff for letting me shoot some photos … you can see the full set here.