[Dec 17, 2011] Game Underground AE2012 top 8 payout and UMVC3! (Framingham MA)

Saturday December 17th

[LEFT]**1pm - Warmups **[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**2pm - Mortal Kombat $10 (PS3) NO Freddy **[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**2pm - King of Fighters XIII $10 (XBOX) **[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**5pm - Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012 $10 (XBOX) **[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**3pm - Ulitmate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 $10 (XBOX) **[/LEFT]
[LEFT]6pm - Tekken Tag Hybrid HD $10 (PS3[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**All Tournaments are Double Elimination! [/LEFT]
$5 Venue Fee Covers ALL TOURNAMENTS! **[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**Venue fee waived for full setups of system/HD unlocked characters/game (limited amount) **[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**1st 60% 2nd 30% 3rd 10% **[/LEFT]
[LEFT]*****SFIV will have a $100 pot bonus that will be given out to the 4th-8th placed players as follows: **[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**4th $30 **[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**5th $20 **[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**5th $20 **[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**7th $15 **[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7th $15[/LEFT]

[LEFT]This Tournament Will also be sponsored by Vibras 5.1 Headsets! So First for BOTH GAMES receive a pair of these for free![/LEFT]
[LEFT]The top 8 being paid is subject to change, but only by percentage, GU is GUARANTEEING a 100$ pot bonus paying to top 8![/LEFT]

[LEFT]**This is the first 2012 tournament in MA, and we hope to have a huge showing! **[/LEFT]

[LEFT]**This will be streamed by someone, possibly SPOOKY, or if not ASIANTOM either way this will be up! **[/LEFT]

Interesting stuff. Also I’m not sure if you noticed Dan, but the text isn’t showing up for me unless I highlight using SRK Dark.

I’m gonna try to make it to this. No promises though.

Sounds pretty cool, I’d like to be there even though I don’t play as much…Hoping to see some upsets

In there for SSFIVAE2012, MK, UMvC3, and maybe KoFXIII. I’ll be bringing a PS3 with all of the MK characters unlocked and DLC available.


i am comin for a nice pair of headsets sponsored by UMvC3.

please tell me 1st and 2nd in marvel get headsets :frowning:

also ill take a 15 dollar 8th place spot in 2012 plz

Wait im confused 2012? Is that being released before then?

Yup 2012 is out the 13th. So you got 4 days to train up your Hakan knowledge, because he’s in there, 2012.

Lol Uryo said that he was still ass. But we’ll see.

yo i want umvc3 headsets to!!!

I’d go but I’m a fgt

Gimme this, gimmie that, fuck that. I’m taking everything.

Not too worried because there’s nobody good playing him anyways. Also whats with 2012 being released in 2011?

What’s a 2012?


I’m going to try and make an appearance! :smiley:

Quick Change cause of requests! Prizes will be as follow, however only 1st for AE will receive a headset, and now first for UMCV3 will also receive one!

I’m there!

Am I the only one stupid enough that I’m going to enter every game? Time to train up!

I’m in there. Why no Freddy for MK, though?