[Dec 17, 2011] Savage Saturdays @ Next Level, Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY)

Savage Saturdays @ Next Level

Date: 12/17/2011

Next Level
4013 8th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11232
(347) 618 - 8813


Xbox 360: SSF4 Arcade Edition 2012

Xbox 360: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Xbox 360: King of Fighters XIII

PS2: Guilty Gear XXAC
Gold, Shadow, and EX Characters are banned*. Kliff and Justice are banned.
If on AC+ and you play Zappa and/or Robo-Ky, you may request an AC station.

Time Table:
Causal game play: 12pm-6pm
Registration: 5pm-6pm
UMVC3 brackets start at 6:00pm
SSFE AE brackets start at 6:30pm
KOF XIII brackets start at 7:00pm
Guilty Gear XX AC brackets start at 7:00pm

-Double Elimination: Basic 2/3 games, 2/3 rounds (Winners, Losers and Grand finals are 3/5 games) Loser of the match can change character. Winner is locked in character.
-Seeding/Bracketing: Random (Using Challonge)
-Prizes: 70/20/10% of entry fee split for top 3, if less than 16 players 70/30 of entry fee split for top 2)

-Venue Fee: $10 (Covers for the entire day, so you can come earlier for casuals!)

SSF4 AE 2012 Entry Fee: $10
UMVC3 Entry Fee: $10
King of Fighters XIII Entry Fee: $10
Guilty Gear XXAC: $5

If you’re going to be late to the event, please call the store and leave your name!


In there for that KOF.

Is this gonna happen again?

yea in january sometime. hit up henry about it so he makes another post