[Dec 17, 2011] -SoCal Regionals 2011- Dec.17-18 Irvine, Ca. (Irvine, CA)


Can’t wait for this! Get Hyped!!! When do we get to register Mr. Valle?


Is there a better place where I can get an answer to my question? Thanks!


Hello Racketpunch,

If we did that for you, everybody would want the same treatment and our tournament would start late =(

The event is 2 months away so please try your best to arrive on time good sir!


Iam really thinking of going since I didnt go to SB but a flight from michigan to socal would cost alot lol…gotta see if anyone from michigan is going


Hi CaliPower,

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, I will be coming back on a flight for business that day and I won’t be able to make the start time. However, I’ll still be there to support.



Don’t know if its been mention, but you can win seeding at UCI’s ranbat series! Next ranbat will be this weekend at UCI and I will be streaming it. Check out the thread for details and get a sneak peak at the SCR venue! University of California, Irvine: Tuesday Night Casuals


Added -

SoCal Seeding Tournaments:
The following tournaments are eligible for seeding into SoCal Regionals -
WNF:AE - http://tinyurl.com/5uchnpv
UCI Ranbats - http://tinyurl.com/6kqhoc6


Atlus x SoCal Regionals!

Fighting game fans worldwide have long awaited the new King of Fighters XIII title to hit shelves this holiday season. The flood gates of training mode, online battles, and tournament play is upon us and we’re ready for all the action! Level|Up is proud to announce Atlus as an official sponsor of SoCal Regionals 2011! Atlus will be supporting the event with a booth showcasing the KOF XIII tournament alongside with community hosts Dream Cancel/Team Chaos and their latest attractions for everyone to enjoy! The fun doesn’t stop there, Atlus is also adding in a sweet $1,000 bonus for KOF XIII finalists! Come out and enjoy the latest from Atlus, compete in the KOF XIII tournament, or just hang out and have good games with us at SoCal Regionals 2011!

For more information about Atlus, visit their site:

You can register for SoCal Regionals 2011 here:




Perhaps we should have some Catherine money matches or a side tourney. Or if we are really lucky they’ll bring a demo build of the Persona 4 fighter for us to try out.


Can almost confirm me heading there with Flocker. Things are looking real good right now, just need confirmation from work.


AE 2012 and UMVC3 are charging $10 at teh reg page.

Might want to change to teh $20 per game if thatz wat u guyz r tryin’ to do. :wink:


Ack! Looking into it now. Thanks for the heads up!


Issue fixed! Thanks again Muzras!


You don’t understand, “a lot” and “fucking hot” are two different things. UCI will give you the yellow fever. Stay ready.


Welcome to SCR: An event for the community, by the community.

Shoutouts to Naomi for the awesome SCR artwork!


Hey Everyone,

AE and UMVC3 should be the only games with a $20 buy-in.

KOFXIII,BB:CS, and MK should be $10.

If for some reason the system is charging you $20 for KOF,BB, or MK we’ll refund $10 back as a ‘gift’ through paypal.

We’re aware of the issue and will get it resolved by tonight.

Thanks for your understanding!

  • Valle


Issue resolved!

You can now register online!

Thanks for your patience!


Ghaleon and I just bought our tickets this weekend. Never been to the WC can’t wait to see how you guys do it out there!


Awesome! Glad you guys can make it!

Chris has my # so let me know if you guys need anything good sir!