[Dec 17, 2011] SSFIVAE.2012 "Aid For Japan" Charity Tournament - Beaufort House Chelsea (SW3 5UZ)

Hi guys!

We are running is a SUPER Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver.2012 2v2 Tournament in order to increase awareness and raise funds for the charity “Aid For Japan” on 17th December 2011.

Aid for Japan is a non-profit fundraising organisation set up to help orphans and is currently applying for Charitable status. Under the law the organization can not have a charity number until they have over £5000, so please help us by donating.

Charity: http://www.aidforjapan.org.uk/
Venue: Beaufort House Chelsea, 354 Kings Road, Chelsea London, SW3 5UZ
Rules: 2v2 Single Elimination, Duplicate Characters Allowed, Character Locked, Order Locked (SBO/Tougeki Style, teammates will switch even when winning, so no OCVs everyone gets to play.)
Team Limit: Because of time-constraints, there will be a maximum of 12 Teams (24 Fighters).

Fees: Teams pay a minimum of £1, and all profits are donated straight to “Aid For Japan”. There will be a donation box should you wish to donate more.

Please come down and find a teammate if you don’t yet have one.

Venue Information: It’s a private members club. There will be someone waiting outside to direct you in between 1:00-1:30PM. The tournament will begin at 2:30 on the dot because we have to give up the room by 7:00PM, so please make sure that if you’re late you find your own way in.

If we finish early we will have the venue be for casuals until we pack up. It will be our first ver.2012 Tournament so there’s a lot of reason to come play.

Important: The venue has a maximum head count of 100 people, so even if you’re coming just to play Casuals you’re welcome.

Important: There’s a chance there may be no prizes, as MadCatz sent this message: “Unfortunately, without a registered charity number [we are] unable to supply products.”

I am very sorry about this sudden change.