[Dec 17th 2011- Toronto] ESC Next Level Results

December 17th 2011

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

1st [YRSF]White_R
2nd QuanDizzle
3rd [A&C]RDK
4th [GDLK] Davero
5th [GDLK] Rebelo
5th Eric Hai
7th Rikir
7th Spiralguy
9th Salman
9th Japots
9th Jing
9th Chachaman
13th Count
13th Other Scott
13th Bouch
13th Dustinuranus
17th DJ gohan
17th Avarice
17th RXS
17th Zako

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (2012)

1st Eric Hai
2nd Spiralguy
3rd [GDLK] Rebelo
4th Scruffs
5th Kyle Reese
5th John Connor
7th shan
7th Navi
9th Aaerox
9th JohnJing
9th [GDLK] Davero
9th manzo
13th Zako
13th DJ gohan
13th [TOSFHQ] nguboi
13th K-stoute
17th Count
17th RXS
17th T-1000
17th Paul
17th Avarice

Good Games to everyone, thanks for all who participated!

Thank you for having me for the last big tourney of the year. I really enjoyed this tournament and it was a lot of fun. If anyone wants to watch the archives, you can check out www.twitch.tv/eschamptv.

A special shout out goes to all the folks at YRSF and Omega Collectables for supporting me much of 2011. You guys are the best! If you’re behind on your Christmas shopping, don’t forget to check out http://www.omegacollectables.com/ for all gaming related goodies!

Finally I would like to give a shout out RDK, Quan, Rebelo, Spiralguy, Davero, Rebelo and Drekken. You guys are the best!

I hope to see you all in 2012.

Jack, you are awesome! Thanks for attending, really appreciate your support