[Dec 18, 2011] EGP Thunder Dome - UMVC/SSF4AE/MK9 (Orange, Ca)




Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (PS3)
Mortal Kombat 9 (PS3)
Super Street Fighter IV AE (PS3)

Venue Location:
The Legendary Lotus
2775 North Orange Olive Road
Orange, CA 92865
Map to Venue

Venue Notes: Spacious and airconditioned. Free parking and entry. The Lotus is a serious gaming venue. Equipped with 14 Asus VH236H monitors making it possible to deliver a truly legendary gaming experience. Free Nos Energy Drinks (http://www.drinknos.com).

Event Calendar:
NEW RANBAT SEASON STARTS 11/20…(then every other Sun on 12/4, 1/1, 1/15, 1/29)

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (PS3)
Super Street Fighter IV AE (PS3)
Mortal Kombat 9 (PS3)

Bring your own controller/fighstick.

Tournament Schedule:
1:00pm - Doors open. Casuals and registration begin for all games.
2:00pm - MvC3 registration ends and competition begins.
3:30pm - MK9 registration ends and competition begins
5:00pm - SSF4AE registration ends and competition bsgins
7:00pm - Doors close and thanks for playing!
Registration will take place on site. Check above schedule for registration deadlines.

Explanation of fees:
Breakdown: $3 – venue (paid only once)
$5 – cash pot (per game)
$1 – season jackpot (per game)
Team Brackets: $3 per team

FREE Spectators. FREE Nos Energy Drinks: Nos hooks us up with a cooler full of ice cold energy drinks for everyone to get wired on. Arrive early before they’re gone.

8 or less entrants: 1st 80% 2nd 20%
9 or more entrants: 1st 70% 2nd 20% 3rd 10%

Format: Evo Rules, 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 games (finals 3/5), Double Elimination. Asus monitors.

Contact Info:
Site: http://www.EpicGamerProductions.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EpicGamerProductions
Email: Brian@EpicGamerProductions.com
Twitter: @EGP_Compton