[Dec 23, 2011] DOAT 2 - last Dead or Alive 4 online event of the year (You tell me.)

We are proud to announce that TKPlayers will be running a Bi-Weekly Online DOA Tournaments! EVERY TOURNAMENT UNDER THE DOAT Banner will have a prize structure in place!


Tournament Organizers (Koompbala, Julius Rage)

First place: 2400 MS points + DOA5 suprise gift
Second Place: 1600 ms points
Third Place: 800 ms points

DATE: December 23rd, 2011----> 8:00PM EST,
7:00PM CST,
6:00PM MST,
5:00PM PST,

Tournament Rules:

Double Elimination
Time - 60 Seconds
*** Life - Largest

*Winner Has Character Lock
*Regular Matches (3 round matches) 2/3
*Semi Finals (3 round matches) 3/5
*Grand Finals (3 round matches) 4/7
*Experimental Playground BANNED!


  1. Daddles2drunk
  2. A7Xsynyster96
  3. x ryofu housen
  4. Relius Badman
  5. Jiryah
  6. xLastRealKingx
  7. Risen Glory
  8. Web Head
  9. XSeraphic StarX
  10. Master Legend
  11. PowerPlayX2
  12. DMF xBERGx
  13. DucKy 888
  14. OneBlackPearl
  15. Kenpo 08
  16. bulmastif
  17. Electrified Jr
  18. ILightUpMyLifeI
  19. Alex Maganda
  20. Hot Emo Bunnie
  21. JimLoveTessa NL
  22. CSI Horatio
  23. TessaLoveJim NL
  24. bykura
  25. vizierde
  26. solidblaze117
  27. zerxes sr
  28. Electrifiedmann
  29. Apollo1326
  30. CXthomas
  31. Excalibur Kaos
  32. XIII AutoAim

[]Please Post your Xbox Live gamertag in the thread below.
]Sign ups will be closed midnight PST on 22nd which is Thu so to be technical 12 in the morning on Fri the 23rd.
[]Future ones after this one you will have to post and be a member of TKplayers.com
]I encourage everyone to tell their friends and contact (Xbox Live Gamer Tag) Julius Rage and (Xbox Live Gamer Tag) Koompbala for any questions or inquires regarding this and future tournaments.
[]Be sure to accept invites from (GT) Koompbala and (GT) Julius Rage on the 23rd. I will invited everyone into a 16 person lobby so my recent players will be all participants then from there everyone will make there own room.
]I will also send out party inv’s cause I know the game channel doesnt work all of the time.
[*]Most importantly this tournament is for fun so get hype we want this tourney to be a blowout.
All players in Bracket A report to (Xbox Live Gamer Tag) Julius Rage


All players in Bracket B report to (Xbox Live Gamer Tag) Koompbala