[Dec 23, 2011] Sioux City Skirmish - 12/23/11 - Sioux City, IA - SSFIV... (Sioux City, IA)

[LEFT]Getting things going in Sioux City! Lots of room, lots of setups, restaurant in location![/LEFT]
[LEFT]1411 Jackson Street[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Sioux City, IA[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**[SIZE=11px][FONT=lucida grande]712-255-7579[/SIZE] [/FONT][/LEFT]
[LEFT]$3 (Cash only) venue fee[/LEFT]
[LEFT]None as far as I know[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Friday, December 23, 2011[/LEFT]
[LEFT]10:30 PM - Registration Opens[/LEFT]
[LEFT]11:00 PM - Registration Ends[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Tournaments (Singles):[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition: 2012 (PS3)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (PS3)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Please bring CRT fatback or Evo monitor if you have one, as well as copies of UMVC3 and AE[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Rules:-Double Elimination Bracket[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-ALL matches between players are a set of three games, [/LEFT]
[LEFT]with the exception of Grand Finals (3 out of 5)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Pausing intentionally during a match is grounds for a disqualification/loss of that
[LEFT]In-game specific rules:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Winner must keep the same team (this means same exact order and same exact assists) (UMvC3)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Winner must keep same character, may change ultra (SSF4:AE)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Blanka Alt. Costume 3 is banned. (SSF4:AE)[/LEFT]