Dec. 28 Puerto Rico 3S Results


Great turnout, 26 entrants.

1st- A.J.- Yun.

2nd- Gandido- Makoto, Ibuki.

3rd- Marvin- Twelve.

4th- AGM- Urien.

T5- Cano2k- Yun
T5- Julio- Ryu
T7- Helder- Ken
T7- Valken- Hugo, Alex
T9- Spyro- Akuma
T9- Pollo- Dudley

A.J. recorded like 7 perfects during the tournament, his Yun is too good. :slight_smile: . Gandido was playing great also. Nice to see good 3S competition here.

Cya next time.

PS: Pollo is dominator in SSBM!, good thing he’s my son. :lol:


Es Paco en la cuenta de Mario:
(It’s Gandido at Cano2k’s):

I used Ken for the first two sets. I only picked Ibuki against AJ because his Yun runs away the entire match and I needed to pick up the pace.

Also, I got double perfected by AGM :frowning: But I’m the comeback king, so I made it 2nd after all :slight_smile:

PS: Pollo is top tier! Random Dudley power!


It’s AJ from AGM account: Are you crazy Gandido?? i don’t run, i am the most ofensive player in the island, that’s why i did 5 perfects in the finals, and only loss once match, wow.


Yeah. You’re the most offensive man when you get your genei full :slight_smile: We’ll see on Bogard’s tape. Besides, I did HELLA better than what I expected, so 2nd place is just perfect for me.



if u runaway to charge genei it’s all good :evil: it’s the way ko plays lol


I know. I’m not complaining. I did my best and he turned out the better player. I might have to start taking 3S seriously now, lol.

AGM, I look forward to the next matches. We’ll see how it goes along.


It’ AJ from AGM account: Gandido, i have copies of the tournament for you, i was wrong, i did’nt lose any match, watching at the tape, i lose only one round with you, nothing more. Peace out


I have a special surprise for you AJ for the next tournament. Don’t worry… You know who it is… but the bitch is gonna be in PMS mode this time so you better watch out.


PS: Damn, fuckin Yun =/


Great english in this thread.


Nice results guys. I didn’t even know you PR players played 3S competitively.

Keep it up.

BTW are any of you PR 3S players coming to the tourney in Gainesville? If so let me know cause I’d love to play some casual matches against you guys.


Gandido for the next tourney its gonna be a WHOLE new story.


Just stick to Ken foo! The only reason you lost was because you picked Chun. Besides, I never played you, so why do you tell this to me? :frowning: