[Dec 29, 2011] Thursday Night CLASH! (Egg Harbor Township, NJ)

I should be able to make it to this.

Will be there

Event is on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/258237314239613/

And the details are now on http://www.clashtournaments.com as well now

Ill be there again… had a fun time last event. No love for 2012 yet???

I’m going to announce the next date likely at the event on the 29th.

Right now I’m thinking Jan 12th, like another 2 weeks
My thoughts on 2012 are still set on Apex as I’m a main host for it. www.apexsmash.com

cool. ima def try to make it out to this again and actually enter as well as long as i get some time to practice

For anyone at the last one, don’t worry about the time - this won’t start a half hour late like the last, my apologies. I get off work at 7, and it just so happened our website went down at 6:55 as I was getting ready to leave so I had to stay to get it back online. Also I didn’t have a lunch break that day to bring my stuff to the venue early and set up a little. I’ll be on time this time, barring any more site failures lol, it’s not a common thing, especially at that time.

So i can show up around like 7:30ish?

Sure, I should be there by then. May only be one friendly set up though at that time.

Two days left lets goooooooooo

Im 100% for this on thursday.

Will there be any Street Fighter or just Marvel?

Either way i should be there.

How long do these last?

It’s just Marvel. I may be opening these up to SF later. If and when I do a larger Saturday event it will guaranteed have SF also.

This shouldn’t last more than 2 hours. Last one ended at 10:30pm, and started a little late, not to mention it was my first one. Got held up at work last time, this time I’ll be 100% on time and can run it faster now with experience.

Alright ill be there around 7:30ish if you need help setting stuff up.

gonna be there. also gonna be prepared to have my name pronounced wrong

Great, I’ll see you guys there.

Just got confirmation that dm will be back to defend his title, and Zucco will be coming as well!

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