[Dec 3, 2011] Childs Play Tournament (Ames, Iowa)



For those of you that don’t have facebook I’ll post up all the details, since Vinnie forgot.
The venue is at Pixels which is a game store/arcade
I think they just have a Mame cab, but I heard they recently got Windjammers. That’s pretty hype.

Event Fee is going directly to a Charity called Childs Play and will be $5. You can check out the Charity Here: http://www.facebook.com/ChildsPlayCharity

Tournament Registration will be from 2pm - 3pm

Tournament Entry will be $5 per game:


KOF 13

Street Fighter game of Event participants choice!

There will be a fun event to be announced at the tournament!

If you want to play in all the games total entry will be $20. If you want bigger winnings we can increase the price for the each individual games accordingly!

It says it should last from 2:00 to 9:00 P.M.

If anybody has any questions (and doesn’t have facebook) for the tournament organizers let me know and I can be the mediator or sorts.


sorry just left a link to the facebook event not realizing that you actually had to have a facebook to view the event… thanks zach


Quick question, what TVs will be used or will you need us to help and bring some?


or 2:00-11:00PM Saturday?

Anyhow, sounds like I’m signed up (thanks, broqwa). I can bring a monitor/PS3 if that’s okay.


Whoops I fixed it now. Thanks for catching that.


we do not need any more setups thank you for offering but it is all taken care of