[Dec 3, 2012] Monday Night Fight Nights at Nerd Palace - South NJ (Absecon, NJ)


Hey what’s up everyone?

Its been about about a year since np Video Gaming has closed down and moved to Absecon, NJ. Everything is set up at thenew location and we are ready to start hosting Monday Night Fight Nights again! There will be no venue fee because Nerd Palace is now a non profit organization.

There are many tournaments out there for people to step their game up, but I did notice that there aren’t many events strictly for casuals and training. So, I decided to start running events only for casuals. These will be great events for newcomers in the fighting game community, as well as experienced players.


Event Info:

Location: Nerd Palace in Absecon, NJ

228 North Shore Rd. Absecon, NJ 08201

Date: Every Monday (9/12/11) (9/19/11)…
Venue Fee: $0

Start Time: 8:00 PM
End Time: Midnight

You must RSVP with me before showing up to these events so I know how many people to expect. Just send me an email to slobmurph@gmail.com and tell me that you are going. THANKS

Lastly, this event will be BYOC, however, there are tons of arcade cabinets & I also have 2 Sticks for people to use. Lets see if we can get a solid South Jersey fighting game community out of this!

If you have any questions about the event, venue, or anything in general, let me know by posting in this thread. Lets go!

List of people who usually attend:

  1. MCZ | DMG Slob Murph (SSF4, MvC3)
  2. K Hunter (SSF4, MK)
  3. Tagger 609 (SSF4)
  4. Push Buttons (MvC3, Tekken)
  5. Aneudee (MvC3, Tekken)
  6. JRod (Tekken)
  7. Rugerrell (SSF4, MvC3)
  8. Chung (MvC3)
  9. MCZ | DMG Hyena (SSF4)
  10. Hoven Gotty (SSF4)
  11. Kyle (SSF4)
  12. ArkOfTurus (SSF4, (MvC3)
  13. Cuong (Mvc3)
  14. Tomahawk (SSF4, MvC3)
  15. ReFan (SSF4, MvC3)
  16. Will (MvC3)
  17. Josh (SSF4, UMvC3)
  18. Brandon (UMvC3)
  19. Ecsyz (UMvC3)
  20. Hoeler (UMvC3)
  21. Mike (SSF4)
  22. Long (UMvC3)
  23. Cambofiend (UMvC3)
  24. Faiz (UMvC3)
  25. Time2Shine609 (Killer Instinct ONLY)
  26. Brett (Shmups)
  27. Ed (SSF4)
  28. ChiboSempai (Smash, UMvC3)
  29. CrashTag (UMvC3)
  30. Andy (SSF4, UMvC3)
  31. Reggie (SSF4, UMvC3)
  32. Hitzel (SSF4, UMvC3)
  33. Rob <3 (UMvC3)
  34. Sheepies (SSF4, UMvC3)
  35. VileSoFree (SSF4, UMvC3)
  36. Joseph (SSF4, UMvC3)
  37. Jamal (SSF4, UMvC3)
  38. Ari (UMvC3)
  39. Narv (UMvC3)
  40. MetalMattChew (UMvC3)

There are other people who attend, but not as often. Just want this community to grow, so if you’re interested, post in the thread!


If you need to get a hold of me, you can email me at slobmurph@gmail.com :slight_smile:

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i will be in there. The new venue is too godlike






Good games to Vonzell, Tomahawk, K Hunter, Tagger609, Hoven, Ace, James, Brett, Push Buttons… it was fun last night


Hello, I live in south jersey so Im def interested in this. I play mvc3 mostly, a lil bit of 3soe since its ben released. Im still at a beginner level but I am improving my game day by day, I would love to stop buy and check you guys out.


Come this Monday!



gonna be there tonight, it’s gonna be sweet


A BIG thanks goes out to everyone who came out Monday… Until next time slobs!


Yo me k hunter and thomahawk will be there tonight! lets get people to show up so we can run a tourney!!!

and Slob add me to the list of regulars please!!!


Just heard about this earlier today, but it was too late to make it on Sept 26th. A couple of my friends went, and I should be going with them next week. I’m a competitive Smash player, but trying to get into MvC3 and would love to meet some new players in the area and get some practice. I’m also an established tournament host, and love hosting events. I’ve hosted a handful of times at Red Fusion at the Shore Mall, and wouldn’t mind organizing some actual tournaments for the South Jersey scene. Additionally, I can potentially help stream some games at these Monday Night Fights to help spread the word more.


Last night was awesome… Over 20 people came… Lets keep this going!




Sorry I had to leave early last event… It was fun while I was there though!


Will this be happening next monday? I’m from south jersey and have been looking for a place for casuals.


Hello everyone. Unfortunately we have to cancel the fight night for tonight, October 17.

Our next event will be next week on Monday, October 24 at 8PM. See you then!



Since it’s Halloween, we’re going to cancel the fight night for tonight, October 31.

Our next event will be next week on Monday, November 7 at 8PM. See you there!


Our next event will be on 11/14/11. We will probably have Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 there to play!


Tonight !! (11/28/11) UMvC3 will be the main game


I’ve spoken to hyena a few times and i remember slob murph played seth I’m vanilla. I’ve lived in south jersey most of my life and never checked you guys out. I do remember watching a vanilla tournament back in the day though, I think rico took it. But anyway, I’m ok the air guard and the base is just a few minutes away and I live in Atco, I can take the bus and it will drop me off a few blocks away! Ill definitly check you guys out soon, most likely this Monday :slight_smile: