[Dec 31, 2011] SoCal ThrowDowns - SoCal Regionals Online Qualifer (Xbox 360)

Level Up and Beyond Gaming are proud to bring you SoCal Throwdowns, SoCal Regional’s online qualifier. SoCal Regional’s has grown from collaboration SoCals most passionate gaming communities into one of the more prestigious fighting game events in North America. Over the next 4 weeks, 4 qualifying rounds will be held; the winner from each qualifying round will meet in an exciting 4 player round robin grand finals match up. The winner of the Grand Finals will receive their flight and hotel accommodations to SoCal Regional’s on December 17th-18th. The featured title for this event will be Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition on the Xbox 360, space will be limited so hurry and sign up now

**Event Details: **[SIZE=12px]Their will be 4 qualifying rounds over the next 4 weeks. The winner from each qualifying round will be entered into a round robin Finals. The player with the overall best record wins. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12px]Qualifier** Dates** : November 5th -6th 2011 5pm est[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px] November 12th-13th 2011 5pm est [/SIZE]
November 19th -20th2011 5pm est
November 26th-2th 2011 5pm est

**Round Robin Grand Finals: **December 3rd 2011 5pm est

**Live Stream: ** The Semi Finals and Final from each qualifier Will be Live streamed Every Sunday at 7pm est

The Grand Final round will be streamed on Saturday December 3rd at 7pm Est

Please Visit Beyond Gaming for full list of rules schedule and toSign up!