[Dec 3rd, 2011] Vancouver Street Battle 6 : SSF4AE/XBOX360

We are planning to hold one last AE tournament before the end of the year, and before the rebalance patch comes out.

Anyways here’s the info!

Tournament: SSF4 Arcade Edition on XBOX360

Date: Dec 3rd, 2011 (Saturday)

Location: Espot Billiards & Arcades in Richmond, BC.

Official Tournament: SSF4AE Singles (starts at approx 4:30pm) - $10/person
Best 2 out of 3, Double Elimination

Side Tournament: SSF4AE 3v3 Teams (starts at 1:30pm) - $15/team
1 set per player, character lock, Double Elimination

Prize Distributions: Standard Payout to Top 3 Singles/Teams

Registration 12:30pm - 1:30pm
Teams: 1:30pm - 4pm
Singles: 4:15pm - End.

Venue Fee: $15/participant. Spectators are free. Save $5 if you pre-register.

Pre-Registration: Leave a message on the wall here, or email us at vanstreetbattle@gmail.com for a pre-reg #, with that # you will save yourself $5 off the venue fee. DEADLINE for pre-reg is on Nov 30th.

Controllers: Joysticks/pads welcome, but please supply your own or be ready to have someone who is willing to lend theirs to you.

As always there will be a live stream there, and all top 8 matches will be recorded and uploaded.



yeyeye lemme hit dis shit up 1 mo time homie

I just posted a tourny thread in the Northwest section too, hopefully we will see more new faces coming up from the US!


I got a trophy because you liked that picture.

I bet you really regret it now! :smokin::cybot::rofl::rock::china::sleep:

oh god the filename is so awesome

mangeto, someone please take on this as their gamertag. LOL

Please review the tournament posting rules and update your post accordingly.

Good luck with this

I think this is one tournament I might not be able to make. It’s finals time!

I definitely can’t make it to this one. But everyone else had better show up!!!

Updated the post. Thanks Contra

Man, I wish I could fly out there and actually test my Juri out. I guess I’ll stick to beating scrubs online :frowning:

I will have to attend this I feel that I have grown at lot since last time. Time to dust off my Evil Ryu