Dec. 7, 2002 H.P. MvC2 Results

1st - Jose Garcia : Magneto/Storm/Tron Bonne

2nd - Jaime Orozco JLaruzo : Storm/Sentinel/Cyclops, Magneto/Storm/Psylocke, Sentinel/IronMan/Magneto

3rd - Julius Jackson Dumb_Ass_Combo : WarMachine/IronMan/Doom

4th - Martin Garica M.A.G. : Magneto/Cable/Sentinel

5th - Joe Bal calishaolin
5th - Tony G Guile-Virus-

7th - Jose Mendez
7th - Esteban Vargas Mr.BigTall

Hey, I’ll have the Nov 30th (Last Week) and Dec 7th (Todays) Tourney vids up by tomarrow (Sun)

-Check them out at…

FTP Address:

-They’ll be up tomarrow, and the FTP Server should be up from 10PM to---->All through the night… after tomarrow, and whenever possible.

-Note: The FTP is not always up for reasons beyond my control… (Files are on Visaniti’s Computer)

-See you guys at UCLA on Saturday!!!

How do I use the FTP?

Type in


then when it asks you for user/pass just put in what it says.


Jose did use psylocke but it was at the final(against me :frowning: :frowning: )

Ok, thanks, that’s what I thought I had to do. But whenever I try I always get a “cannot be displayed” page :frowning: :mad: .

  • Geronimo

-The FTP will be up from 9pm to (All Night) Monday thru Thursday. Or at least that’s what I confirmed with Vinsaniti. If it’s not up, It’s not my fault. Just AIM “V1n5an1t1” and tell him to start up the FTP-Server. Cause he’s got all the files and a means to trasfer them, I’ve got nothing but the file and CD-Burner. Snail-Mail anyone?

That means the FTP is down.