[Dec. 7, 2013] ST Tournament @ Northeast Championships - Essington, PA


The Super Turbo tournament at NEC ’14 will take place Saturday December 7th @ 6PM EST at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center in Essington, PA. Damdai, Mikeidge, Marsgatti, Krost, jollies will be among the notable names in attendance.

Clarion Hotel and Conference Center
76 Industrial Highway
Essington PA 19029

  • Saturday December 7, 2013 @ 6PM EST

  • 3/5 games

  • Double Elimination

  • Japanese H2H Cabinet

  • Undamned UD-CPS2 Supergun


Advertise 3 days before the tourney? Yikes.


It’s been up on STR, FB and Twitter for a while now. I realized it wasn’t posted here.


Mikeidge a notable name? HA!


btw, anyone knows what is damdai’s reaction time?


1st Damdai
2nd tech monkey
3rd mikeidge
4th marsgatti
5th krost