[Dec 9, 2011] Shadowloo Night Live Season 1, Round 4 (Victoria, Australia)


Alright guys, so we’ll be running Shadowloo Night Live at the CCH venue again this week and we really hope to see you guys come down. While we’ve had Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournaments before, this week will be the first official UMvC3 tournament which will be using the new and improved Battle Card System thanks to Steve “PyroZeroX” Andreou. The BCS will keep track of your wins, losses, ranking and will help us with seeding in the future at such events as Shadowloo Showdown, plus those who rank highly and attend consistently will be rewarded at the end of the season.

Below is all the info you need to know if you plan to attend. And for those who can make it, please tune into the live stream and support Shadowloo Night Live that way.

Shadowloo Night Live: R4 @ CCH