[Dec 9, 2012] RSD International (Roosendaal, Netherlands)



Location: St. Josephstraat 11, Roosendaal, The Netherlands (http://www.boeddhalounge.nl/)
Date: 9th of December, 2012
Tournaments Played

SSF4:AE Solo (128 Players) €10,-
SSF4:AE 3v3 (32 Teams) €30,- per team
UMVC3 Solo (64 Players) €10,-

Prizes are for all tournaments: 1.60% 2. 30% 3. 10% of the whole prizepot

Made possible by PROG4MER.be, LowLandLions and Boeddha Lounge.



The venue is big enough to hold 300 people. We have internet for a HD-Stream and a beamer setup for spectators of the finals. We have 16 tournament setups and there is a mini-room for casuals/moneymatches. There is free parking throughout the whole area.

House Rules and Registration

- Smoking is possible at the entrance of the venue
- Don’t bring your own drinks, you will get a warning the first time, the second time we see you drinking your own consumptions you will be removed from the venue without getting your money back.
- Be respectful, don’t make a mess, we are guests.

Registration is possible via the site of PROG4MER.be. (English version posted ASAP)
There is no other way possible to sign up then via the PROG4MER.be site.

Rules of the games

SSF4:AE Solo

-The whole tournament is best out of 3 except for Loser-Semi, Losers, Winner and Grand-Finals, those are best out of 5.

- Best of 3 rounds.

- Pausing the game results in giving up one round except if the opponent is ok with it.

- Round Robin groups into Double Elim bracket

SSF4:AE 3v3

- No double characters on one team

- 1 Match per person

- Pausing the game results in giving up one round except if the opponent is ok with it.

- Single elimination


- Whole tournament best out of 5 matches.

- Pausing the game results in giving up one round except if the opponent is ok with it.

- Round Robin groups into Double Elim bracket

Participants SSF4:AE Solo (Registration on http://prog4mer.be/rsd-int---ssf4ae-solo)

Registered Players:

StruC (DE)

Participants SSF4:AE Teams (Registration on http://prog4mer.be/rsd-int---ssf4ae-teams)

Registered Teams:

LowLandLions (MBR, MoMi, DoomDomainn)

Participants UMVC3 Solo (Registration on http://prog4mer.be/rsd-int---umvc3)

Registered Players:

StruC (DE)

Information Regarding Foreign Players

If you arrive at Schiphol Airport you have two options to get to Roosendaal by train.
The first one is the direct line Den Haag/Roosendaal which goes every whole hour (12:00, 13:00). (Track 5-6)
The second one is to Leiden Centraal and switch to Den Haag/Roosendaal. (Track 8b on Leiden)

If you arrive at Rotterdam Airport there is a direct line to Roosendaal from the train station which goes every x:40 and x:55. (Track 6)
You have the option of taking the metro or bus to the train station from the airport. I can’t find any info on exactly which line to take so ask at an info desk.

If you arrive at Eindhoven Airport you should take a bus to the train station, again ask the information desk.
**The train you have to take leaves every x:04 and x:34 to Tilburg Universiteit (track 4a). **
Switch trains at station Tilburg to Track 3 to Roosendaal.

For hotels in the neighborhood check: http://goo.gl/maps/3YJr0

We already defeated Sheng-long! The Akuma Video Thread

let’s go!


Create a team 3v3 team:

go to http://prog4mer.be/rsd-int—ssf4ae-teams

click Inschrijven then create a team. Add your teammates by name or email (should register beforehand). After that add your team to the line up!


Good luck guys. If I win the lottery before December I’ll be sure to be there!


www.prog4mer.be/rsd-international is now in english! Please pre-register asap!