Decapre as a first character?


I’m trying to pick up Street Fighter, I’ve played a little bit (not a lot) of KOF in the past so I have a soft spot for aggressive charge characters. I’ve also heard that picking certain characters in this game wont teach you the fundamentals of play as well as others. I like Decapre’s aesthetic, her movement, and the fact that she can play aggressively, but I won’t pick her up if it’ll screw me over somehow. If not, are there any alternatives? I’m not a fan of turtling, I’d really prefer a charge character though.


M. Bison is probably your charge character that teaches you non-projectile footsies. Blanka is good for that too. Decapre also shares a lot with Cammy so you can learn a thing or two from her, but she’s not a charge character. Basically, the SF2 characters teach you fundamentals while most of the others are a bit more advanced how they play their game. Decapre has a lot of solid stuff, so you can learn good fundamental from just playing with her. It’s really just open to how well you take hearing that you are doing shit wrong and how well you can unlearn your bad habits…


I’m messing around with deKappa trying to get HHS slap is so hard, makes me not wanna play her.


Thank you.