Decapre Changes Discussion



Psycho Sting and U2 now have an additional 10 frames of required charge time

Her U2 is far less useful now, haven’t had the change to try but assuming that it’s going to result in all of these:

  • Can no longer hit after Spiral Arrow
  • Near-impossible to hit off of TC2
  • Can’t get it off of mid-screen anti-air psycho sting
  • Can no longer juggle EX ground n pound > psycho sting > U2 in the corner
  • Can no longer get the ultra off when doing a cross-up ground n pound


This change was reverted, thank the lord. I changed the name of the thread from ‘Capcom killed Decapre already’ because it was giving everyone a heart attack every time it resurfaced.

Figured while I’m at this edit, might as well include the most recent changes of 1.04:

-far st.LP/cr.LP : Can now be cancelled into rapid dagger on whiff and on chains
-far st.MP : startup reduced from 7f > 5f
-cr.HP : Can now be cancelled into EX focus/EX Red focus/Super
-EX Psycho Sting: Increased the forward movement.
-EX Psycho Sting: Increased the blockstun by 4f. Is now -1 on block after fadc
-Psycho Sting all versions : Invincibility time increased from 1-5f to 1-8f
-Rapid Dagger all versions: Increased hitstun and blockstun by 4f on the second to last hit
-Rapid Dagger all versions: Increased blockstun on all the hits, now is more often a true blockstring
-EX Scramble (LK+MK) : Reduced the time where Decapre disappears and the cancel window from 13f to 7f
-EX Razor Edge Slicer : Is now projectile invincible until the last active frame
-DCM : When both commands overlap, the anti-air version now has priority over the ground version
-EX Spiral Arrow : Damage reduced from 160 to 120


No wonder my shit ain’t connecting. I just got the game on PC yesterday after playing since release on 360 and was finding it crazy difficult to land my juggles into air U2. FUCK YOU CAPCOM.


It sucks but that by no means kills her game… Just stick with U1 mix ups now or use U2 exclusively to punish.


it might’ve killed u2, but by no means killed the character. psycho sting nerf is completely insane though. why not have an antiair that requires in excess of a second of preparation time? and by insane i mean, whoever made that decision is literally out of his or her mind. like breaking into icecream vans to drink jugs of vintage piss insane


Ok yea true… killed the character might be an exaggeration, but still enough to really damage her, she’s not gonna be as good as before


Making any changes to a character this new is just flat out pants on head retarded, i.e. par for the course for Capcom. This reminds me (and is IMO even less justified) of the health nerf that Sentinel received ~1 month into MvC3.

Balrog - Buffalo Headbutt - 55f charge time
Blanka- assorted balls - 55f charge time
Chun-Li - EX Spinning Bird Kick - 55f charge time
Decapre - Psycho Sting - 42f charge time 52f charge time
Decapre - DCM - 42f charge time 52f charge time
DeeJay - ??? - All of his stuff is 50-55f charge time but I have no idea what his actual viable reversals are at this point
E. Honda - EX Headbutt - 55f charge time
Guile - Flash Kick - 55f charge time
M. Bison - EX Scissor Kick - 55f charge time
M. Bison - EX Psycho Crusher - 55f charge time
Vega - Scarlet Terror - 42f charge time
Vega - Splendid Claw - 42f charge time

IMO Decapre has gone from middle of the pack among charge characters in terms of anti-air and reversals to somewhere around Blanka or DeeJay level.

Edit: corrected Decapre frame data. My point still stands.


Didn’t kill the character. But those “Changes” fucking suck and were completely unnecessary.

Like, what was the point? That Psycho Sting change is ridiculous


this still works actually, but the timing is unforgiving


Capcom is terrible at patching their games. Unjustified, brain dead, nerf to a character who could have probably used a buff. Unlisted, because no one had the balls to try and justify it. /rant


Praise the lord! It was unintentional and is being fixed!!!


Hope they don’t put on more nerfs during their next “bug fix” lol


U1 will now take 450 frames to charge


That is so awesome. Good on capcom for actually realizing it and planning a fix.


I’m so happy, this change has been hurting my game more than I’d ever expect, even started learning a new character to ditch Decapre but glad that I don’t have to now lol


The fact that capcom does not have version checking tools when some guy who is bored made one scares the shit out of me. Who knows if random test changes keep getting snuck in?


I know right?
Maybe next version, Deejay will be top tier!

Nah, never happen


3DS lite mode Deejay.

Also I wonder about those combos that were no longer working that Veserius was talking about.


Given their history with this particular game very little would surprise me at this point. Hell, this sort of thing isn’t even that uncommon for developers. If I remember correctly Konami discovered, when they where planning to release the Silent Hill HD collection, that large chunks of the source code for Silent Hill 2 where just flat out missing.


ok so they said they’re going to put them back on 42 frames and that’s great, but did they say when? it’s pretty bad right now with no AA>U2 and TC>U2


You can TC > U2 pretty consistently with training. I personnally get the game at the pc release so i never get the chance to train this combo with the normal timing so maybe its a bit easier for me but definitively doable in match. But i dont know if aa > U2 is doable.