Decapre hitboxes incoming




oh nice, this was something I was going to do this week. Just hoping the final pictures aren’t watermarked.


Cool, a site just for Decapre, lol


I have a few of her normals I have been curious about hitbox wise


thread into website

thats new indeed



oh i was waiting for theese

cammy comparison is nice


dem asses


goddamn those AA ground normals suck, i’m even more scared of AAing with crHP and sHK right now

i also thought jHP would be much better than that


I dont get the cr.hp change between Cammy and Decapre, what is the purpose of the move if he neither combo or AA? Counter hit purpose only?


She can AA with cr. Hp, just considerably worse.


You would think that since Decapre is a charge character who doesn’t always have access to Sting that she would have better hitboxes on some of those normals than Cammy.

Guess that makes reverting the nerfs all that much more important.

#13,, j.lp,,, nj.hp,, far mk, far lk are all likely better than cammy, and a few other normals are arguably better depending on context.

and idk people can’t really jump at me, maybe you guys should practice anti airing more.

Also if you don’t think cr.hp is great for comboing, then welp. A lot of optimal combos involve cr.hp


100% sure i need to practice more

anyway, are you reliably using crHP to AA?


For me is her main AA


Guess I should experiment more with that as an AA. The times I have tried it got stuffed.


I use mostly cr.hp and far hp.


I tend to use anti crossup, st.HP, st.HK, nj.hp.


So when you are aa with normals, are you hitting without getting trades?

I seem to get trades most of the time. From the hitboxes, far st hk seems like the best choice for those non crossup jump ins. And also if it trades, it does the most damage out of the other choices (110dmg)


problem with hk is the hitbox is lower than cammy’s so even though the hitbox is completely outside the hurtbox the odds of someone jumping from that range are lower.

You can aa cleanly without trades against most characters, it’s just a matter of mapping out AAs on characters. I’m actually working on that now.