Decapre Unblockables



These are practical unblockables, since the unblockables cannot combo into cr.lp reliably. Enjoy and let’s find more!


I dont get It

Why is a legit unblockable? Because you cant combo?


You can’t combo after the so they’re just for show, not practical. These are practical unblockables that lead to full combos.


What about delayed wakeups?


I’ll try those out, very nice!

Edit: no matter how hard i tried i couldnt get the one on dhalsim to work. I can confirm however that the same set up that works on ibuki also works on guy.


You’ll notice in the Dhalsim setup, Decapre takes a very slight step forward before whiffing crMK; have you tried that?


Yeah, I did, the most I could get to happen was to cross him up if he did not hold a direction, any direction held ended up in a whiff. Timing seems to be super tight on that one.


yeah i hate those set ups, idk if worth it

like yo ima gonna unblockable you to death! eats a wake up grab


I can’t get the Ibuki unblockable to work at all. Not really sure what I’m doing wrong.


you actually have to wait a frame or 2 before the, if when you jump she can block normally, that means you did it too late, if when you jump in you cross her up with a whiff you were too early. it Really only works on her and Guy though, and guy can AA you if he has bar.


Guess this goes in here, something I found yesterday when theory fighting. Timing is strict but you can combo off it



Private video.


good shit


when posting unblockables it’s pretty useful to show what they look like on neutral hit so they are easier to recreate in training mode. just a heads up


Unblockable stuff


Alternate unblockable against Sagat. Potato quality and no audio, yay.

Stopped being a doofus and got sound.[/details]


Seen this on the frontpage of SRK and thought it would be more fruitful if it was left here in the Decapre Unblockable thread for further discussion & analyzing:


This would be useful if this was VSAV or something and had large windows where you can’t switch to crouch or stand, but otherwise it’s a 1 time or 0 time gimmick if someone had seen the vid.


Not sure if you can combo if you land behind him. If you can dig to find out something more interesting from this.


New shit found. I think it will be more useful than the previous one. Description on the video.

Works on Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Sakura, Oni, Rolento, C.Viper, E.Ryu, El Fuerte, Adon.
Works as a crossup on Elena (and fake crossup in the corner), Yun, Blanka, Yang.