Decapre's Stun rate?



So I was online, facing a a Zangeif and well, bullshit occurred. In about a total of maybe 3-4 hits, I was stunned…at my 75% hp mark. I know stun isn’t hp based, but WTF?! Either she has an extremely low stun rate, or that guy was pulling some bullshit, cause that sure as hell has never happened to any other character I’ve played.


Extra info, her stun is 950 it seems, in training mode, and I am on the PC version.


did you get hit by headbutt? It’s also possible your stun hadn’t completely run down from earlier in the round. If you keep blocking it’s not gonna decrease.


No, it wasn’t a constant combo, in fact it happened almost instantly. one combo, then stun, no hits before, no hits after.


Zangief headbutt can dizzy some characters instantly with one combo.


Zangief’s headbutt does 700 stun.

If you got headbutt, that explains everything. Notice how it only take like 2 hits to stun Gief, who has 1100 stun.


Yeah, it was head butt…dat shit op Q.Q




I believe it can only be done from a neutral jump… someone correct me if I’m wrong… but if I’m right then just watch out for them
but 700 stun wtf o.0


in sf2 the headbutt can stun in one hit <3