[December 15th, 2012] Family Fun Arcade **Holiday Fundraiser** Tournament


Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd.
Granada Hills, CA 91344

Saturday, Dec. 15th, 2012
Sign-ups: 1pm - 3pm
Start Time (Tentative): 3:15 - 3:30pm

Arcade or HDR Classic Mode (Turbo 3 w/ Classic Sprites)
3/5 Matches
4/7 Grand Finals

Provided by Level|Up Entertainment

$5 Entry Fee
All entry fees will be donated to ArcadeRelief minus $5 for 1st place.

Arcade Relief Website
Arcade Relief SRK Thread
Family Fun Arcade Website
IEBattlegrounds Twitter
IEBattlegrounds on Twitch.tv

Mando/Watts: Feel free to let me know if I need to change any info in this post!

Thanks to everyone who comes out and supports the arcade that showed me and many others why playing fighting games is worth every penny!

12/15/12 The Legendary FFA will be hosting its last 3s tournament

Is it going to be on Xbox or PS3?


I’ll be there for both ST and 3s.


Anyone want to carpool from the 626 area?


eewk, stop using classic sprites for classic mode, :S they look horrible!


At least they look human, lol.

Likely PS3. I’ll post up when I know for sure.


Sorry for the double-post.

First post has been updated. We’ll be starting a bit early, but casuals will be available all night. Also, there will be some VERY special guests participating in the tourney ;).


lol watson already spoiled your secret. But he said they are going to commentate only. Will you be able to lure them to participate in the actual tournament?


I’ll do my best :smiley:

Don’t forget that the tourney STARTS at 3pm! First post updated with stream information.


Fuck, I thought it was going to start at 6. I can’t enter. I’ll stop by after. I have a company event I need to attend that I won’t get out of till 4. You guy go ahead and have a blast.


Moving it to 3pm might work out for me… I have an xmas party @ 7ish. Now I just gotta talk to the Baby Mama about this. Thats gonna be hard.


MAME :slight_smile:




God, I miss those old Quake audio files. That announcer guy has the craziest synthesized voice.


Great tournament!! GGs to everyone that came out and supported FFA. The tournament was awesome, the venue was packed, and we had a full-on Japanese H2H setup!

Results, videos, and brackets can be found here.

Here is the short list:
1st AfroLegends (DeeJay/Boxer)
2nd Mike Watson (O.Sim/Boxer/O.Sagat)
3rd MuffinMan (DeeJay/Ryu/Sagat/Hawk)
4th DigitalInfamy (Boxer/Ryu/Cammy)
5th DNGR S PAPERCUT (O.Hawk/Ken/O.Ken)
5th RotB Coffee (Claw)

Thanks to Valle, Watson, and Ralph for making this amazing event happen!


This was an awesome event… Got to meet Tomo and Schaefer. Tomo is a very Humble dude and it was an honor to meet him. GG’s to everyone and see ya’ll at the next one.


It was a pretty fun ST tournament, and I’m glad everyone had fun. It was a pretty cool experience being able to talk to Tomo and Shaefer. They’re pretty down-to-earth guys with a lot of interesting stories about the old days, and I really wished they had stayed longer to talk about it.