[December 17th, 2011] Game Underground (AE.2012 & UMvC3)

Since Dan and Ryan and everyone else seems to be too lazy, I’ll post it myself. ALL GLORY SHALL BE MINE! Brackets here, Marvel is the second one from the top (called untitled or something).

AE - 38 Entrants

  1. GNMC Gridman
  2. GNMC Weaksauce
  3. GNMC NoobTron
  4. WeirdoNeo
  5. Domo
  6. LuckyD
  7. Raion
  8. VolcanicAkuma 55
  9. GNMC Steve Chung
  10. GDX DeeJay
  11. Fade
  12. Trance
  13. Cloaked
  14. blueNINE
  15. Mr Dash
  16. Ign1zshun
  17. GDX Mike D
  18. mayor
  19. Needles
  20. Ninetynineseccs JoeMiggs
  21. Tunakahuna
  22. Mtslsak
  23. Citizen CIA
  24. Oh The Commotion
  25. Oneida
  26. Ken123103
  27. Chapin
  28. Merkilo
  29. SalvaNos
  30. VictorM
  31. Tay1
  32. Bob
  33. Dagon
  34. NBreplayBrawlKarter
  35. UGS GIL Hustle
  36. Blacklegg

UMvC3 - 30 Entrants

  1. 4ocious IllWill
  2. Mr b guy
  3. 4ocious Jjsek
  4. Eric Foreman
  5. Ken123103
  6. GDX Riceman
  7. Exxxex
  8. nightblade
  9. blueNINE
  10. Bugs bunny
  11. UGSGill Hustle
  12. Realyst
  13. Mrdashh
  14. Trance
  15. WeirdoNeo
  16. Zelkiro
  17. BB Amish Mike
  18. Merkilo
  19. Kryonik
  20. Fade
  21. PumperJam
  22. Po
  23. Jboof
  24. Trent
  25. Mantra
  26. Enable
  27. Fall River Legend
  28. Tauntloop
  29. Metal Slug x12
  30. EffulBao

garbage. Alex Valle won the turny

Shoutouts to GDX showing up in full force. Good shit, bros.

Nice handles

What is GDX? Gamedux?

Thank you to Vibras For Sponsoring our event, and GU for throwing in extra money to the pot! The Turnout was Crazy! you guys are the best!!! We will have this next week, hopefully with a ton of new twists and epicness!
Murph your stream was awesome, next time we’ll make it even bigger!
Ryan T your doing a great job at fightnight, our tournaments are the best
Weirdo NEO thanks alot for coming man, I hope to see you in the fall and your stay in MA was awesome. Our session Wed was a blast
NEO vs Brian was an epic fight!
To all the outof staters thx for making the trip
Ken and Ben THanks for makin it down, Ken vs Doug and xfac arthur was crazy
Ill Will and Craig our winners gratz, enjoy the headsets
And to everyonelse/anyonelse I might have missed, good games and see you next time.

hope to see everoyne next month, had a blast runnin this one.

17th for my first MA tourney? I’ll take it.

whoa whoa whoa. . .next week as in like december 31st?. . . . . .I GOTTA HIT THE LAB FAST IF I WANNA TAKE DOWN FRAUDWILL (THE FRAUDIEST OF WILL’S)!. . . . btw follow him @ www.twitter.com/fraudiestwill

It’s not so much laziness - more apathy.

Really Ken shouldnt even be able to address me directly.
You must defeat cozby to stand a chance.

This tourney was fun it was lots of fun to see so many strong marvel players in the bracket. MA marvel is gettin kinda stroooooong!! and ggs to MrBGuy lookin at the bracket you def ran the fuckin gauntlet to get back to GF

good shit and hope to see you all at more tourneys!

also: illwill = marvel christ

I don’t think theres a tournament next weekend. Unless there’s something I’m missing, these are usually monthly.

I’ve realized that until I prove myself at the next tournament, all the stuff I say has no weight behind it so yeah. I’m just gonna keep quiet and train. Also Mr.BGuy is good, he plays really smart and deserved to beat me because I wasn’t thinking while playing him. I’ll be training with him over the next couple weeks and next tournament wont be the same. Lastly. . . .who is cozby??

Cozby is the sub boss of Rhode Island.

ggs everyone. i’m liking 2012, even tho viper is still whack.

i keep saying i’m gonna enter marvel, because even tho the game’s kinda whack, it’s kinda fun and Wesker is the best thing to happen to fighting games in a long time.

good shit to will for dominating marvel


Hes the hidden boss.

punk bitches

good stuff ill will

Thanks dogface aka Nicest W.C. guy ive ever met at EVO

i kept trying to keep up with XvsSF but i am just a fraud at that game :frowning: