December 3rd - Tapioca Express SSFIV Tourney in Elk Grove, CA (Maybe HDR?)

Hello, my name is Romeo. I am this tournament’s organizer. If you have any questions/comments, feel free to ask.
Previous TapEx results**

Previous TapEx Results


Results complete and up to date as of 120310.

[spoiler=Street Fighter IV]

[spoiler=022610 TapEx SFIV Results]
022610 TapEx SFIV Results
39 entrants
1 tinh (Sagat) $136
2 200yen (Sagat) $39
3 Choi (Rufus) $19
4 Coopa
5 Pieguy
5 Jot
7 Romeo
7 Santokitokiya
9 6icx
9 Larry S
9 Spencer "RivalBattosai"
9 Ace
13 Saikyostyle
13 Huy Ngo
13 DJCream
13 Hong
17 Danny Nguyen
17 RJ "ghost RIDE it"
17 Dean "NOS kamborit"
17 vStrife
17 Derek
17 Virus
17 Clifford
17 Qui
25 P-Dub
25 Hadou
25 Moe Wifi
25 Hung
25 Trikon
25 Opher
25 Junior "frankduux"
25 Mo
33 Jason "HERO jima"
33 Alex "all XES"
33 Ramen
33 Zeroshifter
33 Tri
33 Darrel "FA-MAS"
33 Mr. SC

032610 TapEx SFIV Results


032610 TapEx SFIV Results
13 entrants
1 Tinh (Sagat): $45
2 Larry (Rufus): $13.00
3 X (Zangief): $7
4 Disabel
5 lilsicx66
5 Romeo
7 pdub
7 Rex
9 Stewie
9 Clifford
9 Vstrife
9 trikon
13 WhiteShadow


Super Street Fighter IV


[spoiler=050410 TapEx SSFIV Results]
051410 TapEx SSFIV Results
27 entrants
1 lamerboi (Guile) $94
2 200yen (Sagat) $27
3 Crackfiend (Dudley, Boxer) $14
4 Thxyoutoo
5 Tinh
5 Allen
7 Larry
7 Romeo
9 Jot
9 Austin
9 Hong
9 Anthony
13 Mikey
13 Fusion
13 Khoa
13 Matt
17 Smokey
17 Mike (Stockton)
17 Jason
17 TheComplex
17 Luc
17 thafranchise
17 PDubb
17 Tuly
25 D’Angelo
25 Karl
25 Roger

070210 TapEx SSFIV Results


070210 TapEx SFIV Results
15 entrants
1 200yen : $45.00
2 Pieguy : $13.00
3 Romeo : $7.00
4 Hong
5 Choi
5 lilsicx66
7 WhiteShadow
7 John
9 Mikey
9 Peter X
9 Philip
9 Chin
13 Stewie
13 Khoa
13 Chong

080610 TapEx SSFIV Results


080610 TapEx SSFIV Results
21 entrants
1 P Viper: (Viper) $73.00
2 Choi : (Cammy) $21.00
3 Tinh : (Sagat, Boxer) $11.00
4 Fuller
5 200yen
5 Mikey
7 Pieguy
7 Tony Ngo
9 Tommy
9 Disabel
9 Hong
9 SaikyoStyle
13 Ricky
13 Jot
13 Romeo
13 Khoa
17 Charles
17 Anthony
17 Hong
17 Chris Tan
17 Jake[/details]

110510 TapEx SSFIV Results


110510 TapEx SSFIV Results
14 entrants
1 P Viper : (Viper) $88
2 Masarap : (Ryu) $25
3 200koreas : (Sagat) $13
4 Tinh
5 Khoa
5 Pieguy
7 Stewie
7 6icx
9 Chien
9 Mikey
9 Romeo
9 Carlo
13 Sakabato
13 Vince

120310 TapEx SSFIV Results


120310 TapEx SSFIV Results
24 entrants
1 P Viper : $151 (Viper)
2 Masarap : $43 (Ryu)
3 6icx aka ChocolateFootsies: $22 (Ken)
4 Tommy
5 Andrew
5 Romeo
7 Tinh
7 Disabel
9 John N
9 Sang
9 SaikyoStyle
9 Pieguy
13 200yen
13 Ace
13 Austin
13 Virtual Boy
17 Nang
17 Jot
17 Hong
17 Mike R
17 Dennis
17 Anthony
17 Chien
17 Jeremy



[spoiler=032610 TapEX HDR Results]
1 thrust07 : $21.00
2 Vestax : $6.00
3 Rex : $3.00
4 Romeo
5 Vstrife
5 Clifford
7 trikon
7 WhiteShadow
9 lilsicx66
9 Stewie

Tapioca Express 9105 Bruceville Rd. #3A
Elk Grove, CA 95758
TapEx is known for its boba (bubble tea) drinks, popcorn chicken and calamari, and for it being the quintessential Asian hangout spot :rofl:. Free WiFi for those who are so inclined.

December 3rd - Friday at 4:30PM. Signups begin at 4:30PM and tournament will start at 5:00 PM.

-All characters allowed
-Double elimination format - 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games.
-Grand finals will be at the discretion of the players in finals. If no agreement can be reached, a coin toss decision will be invoked (heads, 2/3 - tails, 3/5). We haven’t had issues with this before, but just in case.
-If a player loses a game in a set, they can change their character. Winner can change Ultra, but must choose Ultra before the loser has to pick theirs (Evo rule).
-$10 entry fee - 9 to the pot, 1 to the venue.
-70/20/10 payout
-PS3 setups (at least two are confirmed - if more setups are available, they will be put to use)

Please post if you intend on entering. I like to get a general headcount to get a better idea of what I’m handling.

Also, possible HDR. I need a solid 8 man bracket to consider running it, but if it WILL be run, it’ll probably be $5 (all to pot). Post up if you intend on entering so we can make this happen.

HDR will be PS3 too? Heck I might try it out.

Yes, PS3. Right then, so that’s you and I. Anyone else? 6 more.

I would be in, but this is on my little brothers birthday. Boo.

I’ll be down if I come.

Bump for sticky

I think the Astro City is at Tap Ex; gonna take a look. I am gonna help work on it and see if we can get it ready for HDR next Saturday. Hope we can get a tri-sync chassis so we can use PC, PS3 (with VGA adapter), and Xbox 360.

Romeo, it was nice seeing you again last Saturday, it’s been a while. I’ll get the word out for HDR, try to get you enough heads for the tourney. Not sure if I could make it, but I’ll try.

Sigh I guess my retirement isn’t “official” until 2011, so I am free on Dec. 3rd if you need more guys. I could bring Tyram if he’s available and maybe Kbeast if he’s interested.

Playing HDR on a cab is very weird. I think I’ve only ever done it the one time I went to KS2. I have no real objections though, it is your tournament.

ROMEO, ROMEO, wherefore art thou, ROMEO?

Oh shit, he’s over there running brackets.

I would go for both games, but I think I’ll only enter HDR cuz I don’t want to hold up any games.
Will get there late somewhat like last time cuz we still gotta travel and I still gotta work in this rough economy.

Rexy, I’m looking at you, bud.

Holler if you do end up holding it, bro.

I’ll make it if I don’t have work.

crosses fingers

I really want to get into the SF scene in Sac/Elk Grove lol.

You HDR heads are hardcore, jesusssss. I really appreciate the posts and if guys could get people to come, I’d be very happy about that.

No rush, but the sooner you get in, the better the opportunity you have to improve faster and have more fun.

**Now, **regarding that Astro City post…

I don’t understand this post. There’s an Astro City cab at Tapioca Express - the same venue we had last time? Please clarify, I’m a bit confused.

I’ll get back to you when I find out more about this Astro City cab.

There is now an New Astro City cab at the same Tap Ex; it was put while you and the other guys were at NCR. I was playing a bit of Marvel Super Heroes on a CPSII board.

Bad news that the cab isn’t ready to run on PS3 by next Saturday; the components like the sticks and a DIY Home button is set though. A tri-sync chassis for the monitor is planned which allows VGA directly instead of hassling with converters.

Wow, really? Who brought the cab there? I vaguely remember you talking about a Supergun setup some time ago.

I’ll probably stop by to take a look at it sometime. Thanks for letting me know.

The one who was playing Super Turbo with you for a while (I constantly forget names :P) said it was brought by truck. It’s his own cab he got with some PS3 components already installed (has 2 Cthulu boards).

Sang, huh? If you can, post whatever you know about the cab here so our tech gurus can provide some info. It has two Cthulhu boards, right? Is there a console inside? What kind of hookups does it have? What kind of sticks and buttons are there (Sanwa JLF, Seimitsu LS32, Happ…)? Etc, etc. Interesting developments we have here…

From what I remember…

[]New Astro City
]Sanwa JLFs and OBSF-30s (all black). P2 has a slightly altered button layout; slanted counter-clockwise. Panel has no labels so it’s just the metal plate. No moveset insert. I guess Sang is planning to make a custom one for Super IV.
[]2 Cthulu boards but no PS3. Sang is gonna get a PS3 and a laptop (hope it can run a NAOMI/Dreamcast emulator) specifically for the cab.
]15/24k monitor. Planned to get 31k for VGA.
[]Marvel Super Heroes came with cab.
]A bit dirty. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will come back there on Wenesday to get photos. I suggested Sang to put a Dreamcast in the cab since that also uses VGA so possible MVC2 and CVS2 (if the Cthulu is multi-console)

Ridiculous, that’s fucking boss. I’ll check it out. Thanks Carlo.

What did you expect to happen when you put HDR in the thread title? :stuck_out_tongue:

Will come thru and participate in HDR and maybe SSFIV.