December 3rd - Tapioca Express SSFIV Tourney in Elk Grove, CA (Maybe HDR?)

i wanna go…

wait wtf fudd your retiring?

I will be retiring from HD Remix, yes. But I can never give up Super Turbo :lovin:

Romeo for HDR, are you gonna get another PS3 and monitor?

going to try hard to make this

i really wanna play some hdr

I push for HDR for like, a year and no one wants to do it. Now I stop being able to go to tournaments and HDR is dat new shit!?

This world is so cruel.

the world isnt ready for that HDR Ken

No it’s not.

Unless you are Romeo. :frowning:

If I do run HDR (looks likely at this point,) I’ll be starting HDR much later to allow time for out of towners (the HDR heads) to make it on time. Last time, I believe we started quite late (~8-9ish). By then, SFIV will be done, and we’ll have those two PS3s for HDR. However, if anyone can bring a 3rd PS3 and monitor, it’ll make both tourneys go faster and also make an additional casual station available (on a table by the entrance). Since TapEx closes late, and they didn’t seem to mind us staying a bit longer (I asked the owners and workers last time), people should be able to get a good deal of casuals in.

If you’re from the area but don’t want to enter the tournaments for any reason, I’d suggest coming by anyway to get casuals in after the tournament finishes up.

HDR heads (Fudd, Vestax, Thrust) - do you guys have an estimate of when you guys can arrive if you do come?


See the red button? DIY Home button.

Wait…you’re retiring from HD Remix? WTF?

I wanna go for HDR I’ll see what’s up.

I’ll be PM’ing the HDR regulars to see if they’ll be coming. Again, unless I can get a solid headcount for HDR, I won’t run it. I’ll keep everyone posted. Likewise, please keep me posted.

As usual, we’ll have two setups - however, I’d like to have one more if possible. If you can bring a console and/or lagless monitor, please post here in this thread.

If it can be any system, I will bring my 360 at the least. CRT might be too heavy to bring to my car.

Count me in. I’m also going to be bringing 3 other friends who will participate as well.

Answered your PM sir. People coming from the city or south bay, normally takes us 1.5 to 2 hours but with Friday traffic, that might double. People coming from that area should leave extra early.

I was interested and I can bring a lot of stuff (LCD, xbox, TE sticks, even supergun & ST)

But like vestax said, friday traffic means it could be up to 4 hours one way…

I’d love to go but 4pm start time is right in the middle of the work day for me. However if Papasi decides to bring the ST setup I miiight ditch work for that shit. :smiley:

see you guys there lol

im willing to bring a tv and ps3 with ssf4/ HDR

I can bring a lag less monitor and a PS3 with SSFIV. And maybe BBCS/Tekken 6 if anyone wants to casual it up.