December 3rd - Tapioca Express SSFIV Tourney in Elk Grove, CA (Maybe HDR?)

Romeo, et al:
I want to make this, but work has got a hold of me but the sack right now. I normally work at 9-6, and I’M STILL HERE '=(

That being said, I’m unsure about how the rest of my week will go. I’m trying to get other peeps to go, but being unsure myself, I can’t guarantee anyone a ride.

Otherwise… it’s FREE MONAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! ':wink:

I’ll chime in as things progress

**HDR situation **- again, if HDR is going to be run, it will be run pretty late to accommodate out of towners (shooting for 8pm or 9pm at the latest).

I think we’re ok on setups now, Carlo. You don’t have to bring your 360, but thanks.

Great. Are you and your friends entering HDR?

Got the PM - hopefully we can play next time (stupid Honda ticks o_o)

It’s quite a drive for a smaller HDR tournament, so I can understand people’s inability/ reluctance to drive far just for HDR. Regardless, please keep me posted here.

Is the TV very large? It might be a bit too cumbersome, but please bring your PS3 with SSFIV / HDR. I’ll do some mental math and see if four setups would be prudent.

Please bring both PS3 and monitor if you can.

Thanks thanks sir. Free money unless Daigo shows up :o

Pick me up from Davis Romeo! >:D

Shouldn’t you be studying for finals?

And you might want to call Jack to see if he’s going.

I should be. :frowning: But I wanna do burn kicks also…decisions decisions…

Actually, you’ve won the last two TapEx tournaments you’ve been to (technically each one you attended), so you should go and keep the tradition going.

Mmm I dunno about this, then. It’s like an hour drive from Fairfield to Elk Grove plus Ram will likely want to run Ramnation. We need to get him to post in this thread in order to coordinate properly.

Is the TV very large? It might be a bit too cumbersome, but please bring your PS3 with SSFIV / HDR. I’ll do some mental math and see if four setups would be prudent.

Its a 24 inch TV, i personally dont think its heavy

I’m gonna be there this Friday, as is Austin.

Talked to Ram today. He said he’s got work on Friday. Seems like no one’s really available for HDR. Suppose I’ll just save a trip this time.

Ok, got it. Thanks Fudd.

Thrust, I don’t think making the trip would be worth it, because no one really plays HDR up here besides me and you’re lightyears ahead of me haha. At this point, you and I would be the only guaranteed HDR entrants if you came. There’s always next time o_o

If anyone wants to run HDR after SSFIV, talk to me I’ll see what I can do.

I will be attending this tomorrow. just move to sac and no ps3 and no sticks. haven’t play for awhile but I’ll come to meet everyone :)).

so should i bring the stuff?

Cuz that cat is free like a Thanksgiving meal at soup kitchen. Cuz in Room 322 at NCR, I SERVED him that meal, son.

I’ll let you know if I get outta work on time if you’re still interested. I just gotta get the fuck outta work!

_ Like it
_ Love it
X Gotta have it

Nah, it’s all good. Save your gasoline.

I will most likely be there today along with Masarap, P.Viper, and possibly some other Davis cats.

<3333333 let’s see if Paul can continue his streak

Vicente, if the TV isn’t too much of a hassle to bring, yes - please bring the TV and your PS3. Backup setups are always good to have, and if estoque isn’t able to come, we’ll still have three setups. Besides, with a fourth setup, we can really get some good casuals going.

I’ll be coming thru. I might be late though cause its 1 hr drive from where I’m at not including traffic.

Great stuff, guys. Lots of upsets. I’ll make this pretty later.

120310 TapEx SSFIV Results


120310 TapEX SSFIV Results
24 entrants
1 P Viper : $151 (Viper)
2 Masarap : $43 (Ryu)
3 ChocolateFootsies : $22 (6icx)
4 Tommy
5 Andrew
5 Romeo
7 Tinh
7 Disabel
9 John
9 Sang
9 Kevin
9 Pieguy
13 200yen
13 Ace
13 Austin
13 Virtual Boy
17 Nang
17 Jot
17 Hong
17 Mike R
17 Dennis
17 Anthony
17 Chien
17 Jeremy