December 9th - Tapioca Express SSFIV AE & UMVC3 Tournament in Elk Grove, CA

I had fun guys. I’ll have to hold sessions at home. I have zero matchup experience. (This is Jeanatte, btw)

So Sick Case, let’s get some sessions on some time. Gotta learn to fight that nigga Balrog. :slight_smile:

Yeah, Jeanette! Some friends and I have sessions some times. If you want, we could exchange numbers so we can text you when they come up!

X-Ray won.


thanks, sir - will fix

XAVIER - did you leave your slim PS3 cable at TapEx? Or was it someone else’s? Sacramento thread for the new guys that showed up. General Sac area info will be there, and you can go to for a simple page with updates for events I run

Pics courtesy of Carlo (check the white balance next time o_o)

As for events and the ones you run…any chance of an event over the weekend anytime soon??

Vids are up.

No plans currently, but I know nin-jay is trying to start something in the Arden area on Saturdays.

Hey Romeo I accidently took your ASUS monitor power cable. Also was there an extra PS3 power cable because I left mine there.

Thanks for hosting the event, I had a good time even though I got bodied badly trying to use Phoenix Wright. (That fancy Magneto combo with Doctor Doom’s missile)

that’s the disabel special!

Flipboy im down whenever. Anybody wants to add me on seXbox live its Sick Case.

I had a blast on friday and I loved playing CvS2 on the cabinet! Shoutouts to Romeo for hosting these events, whatever I can do help support the community let me know. Thanks guys!

Nice,that’d be great