December Tournament Dates

If there was a big tournament in December, what weekend would work the best for everyone?

Vote in the poll. If there’s some logic behind your vote, let me know what it is. If you don’t like December at all, don’t post or vote in this thread.

-Sam Y

Edit: I’ve allowed multiple choices, so vote for all the weekends that work for you.

I believe the best time would be the 15-16 it gives enough time after school gets out for psu yet before christmast that all this should work out for everybody.


This would be one hell of a way to end finals week. Fuck yeah.

why december.

i’m assuming we can use this as sort of a dry run for our big NW tourney get some experience behind running the operation blah blah etc etc.

We should probably remove this thread.
Here are the dates we can actually vote on…

Dec 15-16
Dec 22-23
Dec 29-30
Jan 05-06
Feb 23-24
Apr 19-20
May 03-04
May 17-18

Sounds like December can be a dry run, but we need to submit a lot more information / planning for this, as well as a back-out date if we don’t get everything ready in time.

i don’t really think those dates are necissary the people have already spoken >.>;;

Yes, 10 people have spoken.
I posted info on the other thread… of how we can make it happen or not. 10 people isn’t enough to fill our standard rooms let alone the ballroom. It’s the best day in December, if we’re going to rush and do one then.
Still a lot of paperwork to go through, though a date is better than nothing.
Also need to get ahold of zass to talk business!

You’re right because there’s no way in hell I’m going to Portland in December especially after the last Winter we had up here. I’m sure that goes for 34095843098504 other people as well.

Ain’t that the truth.

I mean who wants to go to one cold place to another.