Decent Capture Cards

Hey guys, sorry if this is on the wrong board, feel free to move it if you must. Anyway I was wondering if anyone knows of any good capture cards out their decent for lives streaming from PS3’s or Xbox 360’s. I’m pretty much new to the whole live streaming thing though I lately have been live streaming, online, and offline games from my desktop PC to Justin.TV I use Flash Media Encoder 3.1, along with Vhscreencapture. Now I’m looking to learn, and take it to the next level with live streaming from my consoles.

Now I’ve looked at quite a few capture devices such as the Dazzle, HDPVR, BlitzBox, Black Magic, and maybe a few more I can’t remember. They seem like decent capture devices…well not the Dazzle I hated the quality, but I’m wondering if you all out their know of any others that produce good quality at least better than the Dazzles, and are under $200. Just in case one needs to know, I’m running on a Dell desktop PC, Windows 7 64bit, 900GB, 6GBRam, 2.80Ghz, just a few specs/info.

Another question that may make things easier what does capture device does SRK Live use for their streaming if anyone knows. Any help will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I only skimmed but…

Best option Happuage HDPVR; quality- HD 720p VGA (Highest capcard quality) Price - 200. If you have 200 get this.
If you’re on a budget the next one would be Dazzel HD Platnium; quality - 480p RCA (you CANT! play on hd while using this card) price - 50ish

also DO NOT!!! get a BlitzBox
any questions PM me

Alright. Thanks much man! ^_^, that’s about all I really needed. Also nice Juri avi. Juri ftw haha.

If you want to stream, I would just go for something that simply does composite. You aren’t going to get great frame results with streaming hi-res stuff. I currently use a HD-PVR just for recording.

I just want to make sure the quality looks nice, or at least clear. I recently watched a recorded stream of someone who was streaming SSF4 on the Dazzle and the quality was terrible. Though I’m sure it was the older version. Have you live streamed with the HDPVR? How is it? is it no better than the Dazzle when used for live streaming?

i use AVerMedia MPD USA - PCTV tuner card - HDTV tuners - ClearQAM - TV Tuner Card - AVerTV HD DVR
it seems to do the job.

Anyone tested this yet?

Amazon - Elgato Video Capture Device

Reason why I ask is I’m looking for a fairly cheap capture device that works with my MacBook…and the Happauge is a little out of my price range at the moment. I’m more interested in recording than livestreaming, as well, though it wouldn’t hurt if this thing was decent at it. Most importantly, I need to know if this is a good investment or if it’s not worth the $80.