Decent Chun Li player, getting my ass kicked by an awsome Ken/Ryu player.. HELP!

Me and my friend play about 5-6 hours a day (I know, it’s sad) but i prefer to use Chun Li, my friend on the other hand is a Ken/Ryu/Akuma whore, i do alright, but sometimes, he just rapes the hell outta me, anyone got any tips against these 3 chars?

Perhaps you can elaborate on how he’s beating you.

well first off this should be in the chun li forum. over their and’s, then hit confirm into super.

-if they try to raw crossup step back (walk backwards) and, b+hp

-try to psychic trip guard empty jump ins

-dont throw pokes uot randomly, just use it to stuff things. shotos have good counter pokes

-control your space and dont get cornered too much, and if you do wait til they dash then wall jump out.

-neutral is good sometimes.

-watch out for wakeup srk. i like to down parry their wake up, it catches them mashing c.lp and ex shoryu, and if its empty just kara throw. if u hear a srk tho keep parrying.

Go to the Chun section.

Get your ass kicked, a lot.

You’ll catch on sooner or later.

Wait your losing and your using Chun…how is that even possible. Her and yun r the freaking “I Win” buttons lol.

Mainly, chun is going sped-tard on me and if he gets in 1 hit, she can’t block and that 1 turns into about 7, then i’m in a fucking corner. And i have noticed in a few tourney videos that i watch on youtube that after you do the last kick of Chun Li’s 2nd special, that people are high jumping and doing a few more hits in the air, but i personally can’t get her up there, too much of a delay after that last kick, if anyone knows how to do that, it would help a hell of a lot, thanks.

You need to superjump cancel the last hit of SAII in order to follow it up.

you need play the game…
learn of your mistakes and understand why you lose , see vids, and read this forum

pd: always read a rik post is about yun, chun , ken shit. and unwinnable shit…soo scrub

Take some videos of your play and we can critique.

thats the worst thing he could do

thank you very fucking much, i’ve been trying to superjump after the last kick and watching the vids, i couldn’t figure out how to do it, you helped me a lot, i fux him over now, i also worked for like 4 hours today on perrying and now i fucking own him. Thank you all who had advice.

No problem, good luck with that. Remember to whore out the kara throw. :bgrin:

ken can’t do shit when he ain’t close, figure something out to attack him since u can’t do anything when close either, use pokes ALOT look out for EX hadoukens’ and ex huricane’s, ken’s mainly when far so look out for low parrys.

keep in mind i’m looking at turtling view.

punish with back+hp

I really hate SRK forums. Just lost a big-ass post.

Anyway, I’ll try to redo what I remember.

General Ideas:

  • Ken will rush you down until you get meter. Until you have meter, you can’t really punish Ken very well (your best options are usually b+HP xx Fireball or a throw).

  • Don’t jump. Keep your feet on the ground. Chun’s ground game is much better than Ken’s, and you don’t want to eat Shoryus. Chun has the slowest standing animation in the game, and a knockdown will allow Ken to get up close, which is a very bad place for him to be.

  • s.MP is a very good move to stop dash-ins. It’s less risky than c.MK, though not as confirmable into super. The advantage is that it doesn’t stick Chun’s leg out so it can get sweeped. As you know, Ken will be rushing you down at the beginning of the match, and his sweep is one of the best moves to use against Chun since it will either beat or trade with Chun’s primary far pokes (s.HP and c.MK). I’d recommend using s.MP to stop dashins while you have no meter, and switch to c.MK when you get it, since it’s easier to confirm off of a c.MK.

  • far HP is good, but don’t whore it out. The recovery time is bad and Ken will probably always have a super stocked ready to punish it or walk up c.MK xx shippu.

  • Ken, like most other chars, can be meatied by s.LP (not close s.LP) which chains to c.LP. This tick leaves her in the perfect position to confirm to super if you have the reflexes, c.MK xx super if it connects, or karathrow.

  • If you get cornered, block and try to throw Ken into the corner. If you get the opportunity to punish, don’t bother doing a dinky Chun combo unless it involves an SA2, which will sail you out of the corner. Your biggest concern is to get you outta there, and throw is usually the best way. Don’t try to jump out very often; it’s usually not worth the risk to eat double shoryu. Don’t worry TOO much about Ken’s b+MK overhead unless it’s all the way up close, since Chun can sometimes duck the first hit which is usually the confirmation.

  • If you have no meter and find yourself against a Ken with no meter, try to respond to a parried Ken c.MK with a throw or karathrow if possible. It gives you more time to get into a favorable position than a c.HK, and you can dictate which direction the opponent goes (possibly into a corner).

  • EZ Punishment of Shippu: Even in top play you sometimes see good Chuns screw up punishing an SA3. b+HP xx super is the most common form of punishment, but it also has pretty hefty startup, so the timing can feel tight, especially on the faster console versions. close s.HK is much better and faster, but also requires a superjump cancel, which can be difficult for some players. Don’t forget that you always have the option to simply reversal super, s.MP xx super or even b+MP super. b+MP super is extremely fast and doesn’t require a ‘quick’ buffer like s.MP, due to the fact that the super will cancel off of either of the two slaps, and you can even cancel either of the slaps into a fireball, which can also be cancelled into super.

  • Jumping Kens: You’ll often find Ken players trying to crossup MK you all day. Don’t parry these. Just walk back and c.HK, or dash under and c.MK. Dash under is probably the best option in almost all cases if your eyes are quick enough to see it coming. It also helps prevent you from getting beasted on by crossup EX Tatsumaki shenanigans. If they get REALLY predictable, air-throw them or air-to-air j.HK them for a knockdown, then position yourself accordingly.

  • Ken can be doublestomped after an SA2. This means that he is almost guaranteed to be in the corner after a successful SA2 (from opposing corners, SA2 -> doublestomp -> dashup = cornered Ken).

  • Punish blocked sweeps with SA2.

  • Extremely meaty b+HP will trade with first hit of HP shoryu.

  • Super through fireballs if you are within 2/3s screen of Ken.

  • You can parry an EX fireball and super through the second hit.