Decent juggles for ken

:clap: has anyone got any vids/ links for ken doing any good juggling,seen some on but just wondering if there was some better ones i know im not asking for much :rolleyes:

Aside from lp srk -> kara-lp srk, Ken isn’t supposed to juggle. Hit confirm xx SA3 is your friend.

I guess you could count an air to air ex tatsu, close stand fierce/stand roundhouse/jab shoryu/whatever else can fit here.

Ken doesn’t have many juggle combos.

His Dragon Punch (LP), Air Hurricane Kick (EX), Rolling throw (corner) and EX Hadoken into SA3 (in wierd scenarios) can all start juggles. He usually follows up with Dragon Punch (LP, MP and HP in some scenarios), Kara Dragon Punch (LP), SA1, Hurricane Kick (EX), HK, and SA3. But very few of these are practical.

The KYSG4 video covers Ken and has all sorts of outrageous and impossible feats :slight_smile:

ex hurricane kick then low kick always works for me :wink:

Sorry…, but what’s low kick? Short/Forward/Roundhouse? As well, if that’s on the ground, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t combo and I know that it certainly doesn’t juggle. At best, that would be a link (but I have a feeling you can’t link off EX Tatsu.

Yeah, some of ya’ll just post some outright obscure combos…:wtf: