Decent Xbox 360 headset?


After what seems like my 100th headset dying for absolutely no reason, I’ve decided to say screw Microsoft and their shit quality 360 headsets. Are there any reliable headsets anyone would recommend that will work for the TE stick as well? Not looking to spend over $100 but I’ll see.


The TurtleBeach line-up is pretty good. I had a pair of the 100 dollar ones until I had to sell off my 360 and accessories to make rent. I think they were the x41s but not too sure.


TurtleBeach is good to go. No problems with them and they are pretty comfortable. they are pricey tho but 3 months constant use and no problems.


Do these work on the TE stick? What model did you have?


Turtle beach x11. Amazing…


Does this work with the TE stick as well?