Deconstruction of CvS2


Like the the MvC2 deconstruction thread, but working on CvS2.
[Mvc2 Thread](Deconstructing the MvC2 Dreamcast CD

Quick run down of the files.

Don’t expect me to update as often as the MvC2 thread. As I’ll only work on it as a little break from MvC2.

Files on the DC version
1ST_READ - Main programming
ADX - The standard music file even used to this day

MESE_ - English Text messages.
MESJ_ - Japanese Text messages

STG##POL Polygon files for the stages.
STG##TEX Texture files for the stages.

EDIT_P## Color Edit graphic

Player Files
PL##_FAC - Probably the hud portraits.
PL##PAK - Graphic file pixel art and palettes
PL##_HIT - most likely hitboxes
PL##_TBL - probably attack damage,life,jump arcs, etc
SND_PL## - Player Sound Files

Now some actual content.
PL##PAK File Start File Pointers

00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000

That is the setup for the pak files.

Graphic 1 is usually a pointer to 0x00000020
Graphic 2 the pointer is always different due to the different size and sprite work of a character.
Palettes points directly to the start of palette table LP color.

Why do DEVS insist that "balancing" a game takes away from the personality of a fighter?

HIT File
Haven’t figured out all the pointers, yet.

00010203 04050607 08090A0B 0C0D0E0F
???????? ???????? ???????? ????????

HITCHOICE - Hit choice table this table tells which box.
HURTBOXS - Table of Hurt boxes
ATTACKBX - Attack box table

Hurt Box

ATTACK BOX FORMAT 16 Bytes (Applies to Alpha 3,CFJ, and CvS1)

0001 0203 0405 0607 0809 0A0B 0C0D 0E0F
HFMG ??SP ??TY ???? ???? ???? ???? ????

XLOC - Box X Location(Big endian)
YLOC - Box Y Location(Big endian)
XRAD - Box Width(Big endian)
YRAD - Box Height(Big endian)

DM - Damage
HS - Hit Stun

DZ - Dizzy Damage (If zero matches damage)
HF - Hit Flag (Type of Hitstun)
AC - Activation flag
HF - Hit Freeze/Hit Stop
MG - Addtional Meter Gain if attack hits
SP - Hit Spark

TY - Type (High, Low, Overhead, Unblockable)


Hex edited cvs2 coming soon? Very cool stuff, thanks for digging around in these games for us!


so whats the goal/purpose? run it on pc or something?


I doubt I’ll go as far as far porting it. Maybe a viewer/editor for it.


is that really complicated? even if you had help from super professionals like say…damdai and/or someone like that? I always wondered if there was a way to run cvs2 on a pc without emulation. just straight up mugen style but leave the game unchanged lol…


^-- No, you would have to reimplement the entire game.


I’ve only seen it done once not officially.


Viewer/editor would be awesome!