Decreasing numbers of players on Xbox?


It takes about 10-20 minutes for a player to join my lobby in endless.
Ranked also takes a while sometimes. I feel like less people are playing this game overall than AE 2012.

Or maybe I’m playing at the wrong times, don’t know.


I guessing it depends on what type of players you’re looking for and what time you play. I usually get a good amount of people just on same skill level and I’m hardly waiting for a long time (longest I had to wait was like 10+ minutes). I’m on the west coast and I normally play during 11 am - 6 pm.


Training mode rooms are the bees knees atm bro…


The universe hates you. I can get full 8 person lobbies during the afternoon/evenings.


Well I’m from Germany and I just started a endless lobby during prime time.

3-4 people after like 10 minutes. They were all German, lol.


ahem, check your region and switch to any… ??? maybe?


The netcode on 360 is borked. I don’t know how others haven’t been cracking up about it but it’s close to unplayable for me. Its not my connection and it was an instant switch from almost perfect to nonsense the moment I installed ultra.

Shame, as since day one vanilla I enjoyed online a lot. Now its a war of attrition I could do without. Before anyone does the whole ‘its perfect for me’ it’s not my end and not just the waiting for player thing, that’s rare. Its the long long list of other nonsense that the new code brought. Why they tried to fix what wasn’t broken I’ll never know.


On Ranked, if you set options to “All” for opponent difficulty (and not “Same”), there should be more than enough, and more players the closer you play in the afternoon and evening. Downside of course is that some players are 3500pp-4000pp and using Yun, and I’m not in the mood for that no matter what time of day.

For Endless, it’s random. Sometimes a person joins up right away and quickly fills up into a four-man lobby, and other times I’m sitting there and no one joins for 5 minutes, like I have leprosy or something. I can’t remember if it was more active for AE, but it kind of feels the same. You’ll run into familiar names, but still quite a few new people you will never have played before.

I wish the community was larger, but it hasn’t completely dried up either and there’s still a good portion of online XBL players playing Ultra now.
What I might do myself though is pick up Ultra on Steam when it’s on sale, so that way I can use the Tournament Stick for both XBL and Steam and double the community size right there.


I find Capcom very weak for not showing the numbers of people playing online, not only in pc but for console too. For me, and this I say without any anger or emotions, that I won’t buy SFV. I think I have supported the company a lot giving my money and inputs but they don’t care. I have written several suggestions on their tweeter accounts, I have asked for help on capcom fighters and they just want the money. Nothing else.

-why is it that we only get a list of 10 people playing online? Why we can’t see how many players are online in real time?

The menu of the game is not efficient and after several iteration of the game, it became a pain to watch. For some reason, they still think that we are 5 year old kids, when In reality basing on the numbers at evo, most of us are adults. They don’t care.

So TLDR: they don’t care. They want only from us money and to be quiet. Just like Religions.


I also have an account that was made for streaming. If I’m on that, everyone flocks to the lobby even if I’m not streaming, so I guess people are just hiding. I can get a full 8 person lobby in about 10 minutes during afternoon/evening.


Ultra on pc/steam is broken.
Ps3 its also unplayable as so I’ve heard at least.
on Xbox has alotta issues but playable.
its a bad port.
which induces rage and frustration and its not funny or fun.
Community is dying.
on all platforms.
Capcom as usual, shot themselves in the foot.
Waiting For Players
Waiting For Players
Waiting For Players.
Waiting For Capcom to go bankrupt and forced to sell their SF IP to some company that cares about quality control and customer satisfaction.


I don’t understand how the game left so full of nonsense though. Just with the guy vs poison match the amount of stuff that went unnoticed is silly, and its across the entire roster. Codys vs rolento, the twins losing their shadows, poisons hitbox causing excessive pushback. The list of stuff is huge. I dunno, its a shame. Super and 2012 were fantastic. Ultra, is… well its nowhere near as solid. I’d almost go as far to say its worse in comparison to those two versions.

And that’s not including the messed up netcode.


Poor version of the game coupled with the online problems, it’s not really worth playing online anymore unless you jag a good spot where things just seem to run smoothly for some reason.

I’ve got both the PC and X-box versions, they both have problems. I only play online about twice a week now for an hour or so just for shits and giggles.


Can I ask you a question? Do you know any other game that displays the # of people online? I haven’t seen a game than lets you choose different opponents and I believe there’s nothing wrong with them showing ten people (that’s ten different match ups). Just curious and wondering if any other game does, because by your definition, any other company that does same are weak too. Also, you shouldn’t be angry that your suggestions fell on deaf ears. There’s a ton of reasons why it did; someone already suggest it, it’s not that important, they’re working on it and/or etc. Also, what’s wrong with the menu?

I’m going to quote myself here: “On a relate note, I wondering why didn’t Dimps work on USFIV, but another company picked by Capcom. If Dimps originally work on this update, we wouldn’t be having the problems that are plaguing the game right now.” Serious I would like to know (something tells me it was Evo and the fact that the new team didn’t understand the Dimps engine well).

Also, it’s not really bad on my end. I play on 360 and most of time, I’m on wireless and I only play green connections on ranked and green/yellow on endless. Only in one or two matches was the connection bad and laggy (each day I play it seems). Beyond that I’m able to enjoy all my matches. I believe it’s “just results vary” thing until they resolve this.


The problem I have is the results vary true, its just the results used to vary to the majority of the games being fine, now its drastically in the other direction. Connections that were perfectly playable outaide of some ocassional slowdown now flip flop between myself dropping inputs or chopping out frames or my opponent. Not sure if its the fix to unblockables or a new online issue but characters getting stuck the wrong way (after blocking a crossup in the corner for example) feels weird and buggy. Hopefully a fix will arrive at some point. AE wasn’t perfect and they sorted many things out with 2012.

Games showing total players online are rare, usually they are the cods, halos and battlefields where they will show a total number online then filter your searches. That is mostly for just show and its because they have such large numbers its like a ‘look at us and how massive we are’

I think the dropping numbers are a combination of not many upgrading to ultra, people playing newer systems with the fact street fighter 4 is a pretty old game at this point and that some (including me) who get their majority of games online are finding the new netcode just isn’t doing its job unfortunately.