Decreasing spring tension?


[s]Quick question…

I wanted to tighten my sticks a bit so I stretched the springs out and put them back. However, now I feel it’s a wee bit too tight, but not sure how best to “mush” the springs back down a bit.

Is there a recommended way to do this? Or will the springs eventually loosen over time as they are compressed inside the sticks? This is the first time I’ve ever done this with joystick springs.

FWIW, these are (new) Hori Hayabusas (which I love). The springs are the stock spring. [/s]

EDIT: OK, so I just removed the springs again and manually “wound” them them a little and it decreased the tension to where I wanted it. Cool. Sorry for asking. Just didn’t actually expect it to be that easy. :stuck_out_tongue:


Paradise arcade shop sells a .5 lb spring.



I wish people stop sharing this garbage video.
That heat trick is the quickest way to ruin a spring.

By applying heat you are actually destroying the elasticity of a spring and make that spring wear out quicker.


And so is stretching a spring and trying to rewind it. Just get a new spring OP.