Dedicated IRC chat for sfiv? (alternate 'lobby')

welll i was thinking we have a irc chat so ppl can join to look for matches instead of posting in threads…then wait…then add…then wait…then play lol

we can challenge ppl and be able to fight them right away. and its cool for ppl who dont got mics as well i guess…

cuz getting out of work at 11pm and looking for a decent match sucks on the weekday.

i have my laptop right in front of me when i play sfiv so its not really a problem for me. (thats why i lose cause i watch porn at the same time)

anyways just an idea hope someone picks this up.

i would do it myself but i got full time school/work/sfiv so i only get 5 hours of rest :zzz:

also something like this will cut down the traffic on this site :):tup:

also i get be the OP , my idea :wink:

There’s already a couple on efnet including #sf4.

oh. should of known but i was thinking one for srk members.

SRK members do use that channel, but it seems like everyone there’s afking or on psn.

efnet #capcom

Here’s the question. If you’re not using GameSurge, what are you using? CEVO is exclusively GameSurge, so I have noticed only 2 channels (#sf4 and #sf4pro) are there. I looked for a SRK channel, and to no avail. I registered #SRK on GameSurge so people can jump in and start playing others from the forums, so hopefully one of the guys that runs SRK will get on so I can give him ownership.
#srk @

P.S. The topicmask is not permanent, if one of the SRK guys hops in there and wants something different, then I can change it prior to giving him ownership.