Dedicated Lightning Loop Question Thread: ALL LIGHTNING LOOP QUESTIONS GO HERE!

Pre-script: Preppy thought this thread might be a good idea. There’s already a Q&A thread, but there are just so many people asking specifically about lightning loops that it might merit its own thread.

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Welcome, Zero users! This thread will be dedicated to questions concerning the lightning loop, especially concerning execution.

Before asking a question, try reading up first! There is good information about the lightning loop in the combo thread, which is already stickied so you can easily find it at the top of all discussions in the Zero character sub-forum. Most information has been condensed into the first few posts, courtesy of Darkhadou X, so it won’t take too much time browsing the thread if you haven’t already!

For extra convenience, here’s a link to the combo thread: “It’s not X you should worry about - it’s me!” - The UMvC3 Zero Combo Thread

Also, have you tried looking at Youtube first? Seriously, just type “umvc3 zero lightning loop” into the search bar and you will find a bunch of really helpful videos that might answer some of your questions before you even ask them here!

If you still have unresolved problems, you can post them here! Just ask a question and other members will try to help you overcome your problem. If you can provide a video showing exactly what part of the lightning loop you are struggling with, even better!

Just be mindful of recent discussion, because your question might already have been asked and answered.

Hey what’s the timing trick to landing the initial lvl 3 blaster after clone activation?

idk about timing but just jump up and release buster before you reach the peak of your normal jump, like around 70% of max height normal jump.

The goal is to hit the lower half of their body with buster so they pop up and the clone buster misses, because sometimes they drop during the LL if both busters hit. You have a lot of time for it though, just cancel lightning immediately into Sougenmu when you land so they’re still floating pretty high after the flash. Also charge the buster from the L you did lightning with so that lv3 is guaranteed.

if both lv3 busters hit, you must do L lightning, then 2 low to the ground L lightnings to avoid dropping