Dedicated Skullgirls Youtube Channel


Someone should totally make one. Unless its already been done then disregard this and I will delete on request.


Jin actually came into existence in 1995.

We do need a Skullgirls youtube channel though.


I mean his first appearance in MVC then his death when the announced he was slain.

Word. Nobody made one yet! I would SO totally do it. But somebody else will do it better.


Boodendorf made one.


I mean one that is dedicated to only Skullgirls and has all footage from tourneys, streams, etc. Like Jourdal and BB.

I will gladly the except the duty if know one else wants to. Waits for brave one


Well 8WR got the weekly break replay and spooky/ipl got the majors, just like mvc3.


Are you saying these are good places to get replays from? I think I’m just going to go ahead and do it.


You have to get their permission first. MrPavySRK gets into some pretty big mud pretty often for stealing content.


Oh most definitely that goes without saying.

I am going to go ahead and get it started and hit up people for vids and what not. Wonder what the channel name should be…


i got the channel up. this is harder than i thought. lol. does anybody have any advice on what i should do next? it will be most appreciated.


Go on Youtube, search for Skullgirls, favorite absolutely everything you see.

Then when people go to your channel they can go through your list of favorites, which should be all the footage. Works?


name of the channel?


Okay. But shouldn’t I ask the people to do this? I have just been making playlists. I feel more of as a database (can’t come up with a better name).


Currently on youtube looking for ANYTHING skullgirls related. i haveit on private because i am unsure if i can make playlists without asking the people. i think i should just go on ahead and ask. but the option is there so ugh so confused…and getting as many videos before i make it go public


Making playlists using other people’s videos is perfectly fine. It only becomes an issue when you take someone’s video, upload it on your own account without permission, and/or don’t give credit to the original uploader (which you’re not doing, so it’s all good).


This can make your search for tournament footage easier.


Thank you guys so much! I will make it public then. Just been surfing the internet for Skullgirls videos. I am so driven!



You probably should cooperate with Master Chibi’s Canopy Kingdom blog I think.


Favoriting stuff and creating playlists on Youtube is OK. But for things like Wednesday Night Fights you’ll have to rip the .flv from their Twitch stream, which is technically stealing content. Same goes for any of Spooky’s tournament footage (as far as I’m aware)


Spooky is quite quick to upload majors onto his youtube channel so it’ll be ok. So his Jaxelrod for the weekly tourney.


Couldn’t hurt to send them a polite message asking permission to do that for skullgirls content. They might put it up on their own channels which would work the same.

You should put the skillgirls specials from ultrachen up too.

these are some accounts that I subbed that have skullgirls videos