Dedicated to budding geeks everywhere - RAISING A GEEK GIRL

My mild obsession with fighting games hasn’t worn off much in my old age and my daughter is primed to pay the price. Since it’s heavy on the Sakura, I thought some here might get a kick out of it.


Even with all that, she very much prefers Chun-Li.

the cuteness…I cant take it!!!

That was really cute! If you have another girl, you best dress her up as Karin next time. :slight_smile:

Hey man, you’re blessed, you truly are.

Nice vid.

As the proud father of a daughter who is bonkers about all things Mario I concur, geekiness is genetic. And down right Currrrte! (That’s an extremely elongated cute with an ‘R’ in it… for extra cuteness)

Adorable girl there, man. :tup:

I suggest the video forum.