Dedicated TvC online server

SMT-DDR now hosts a dedicated TvC server. The server is fast at making matches, but connection lag depends on users setup/location. Once a connection is made the matches are p2p. The link is to an FAQ and “how to set up” site. The server handles Wii and WiiU, and I’m pretty sure dolphin users can access as well. If any dolphin users want to connect the dns is

Right now the server is accessed by Riivolution. There is no homebrew app.

Free battle works, Ranked battle works.

Wait so does this mean TvC can still be played on line?

Yes. In fact a couple people are online right now.

Holy crap.

I may have to start playing this game seriously again.

Yep, I’m in there. I’ve been waiting to play tvc for a very long time

We kind of had an arcade pop up locally and they have this and I’m learning it so I hope this online community isn’t totally dead. Super fun game so far.