Well I’ve been playing CE mode of SFIV, and I was thinking that in G2, I at least wouldn’t run across scrubs that haven’t installed the game, but here I am in G2 and I’m playing a ton of players with 3000 or more GP who haven’t installed. To top it off, they usually suck!

I can’t imagine playing SFIV with the non-installed load times. And with how crappy these guys are, they must have played 10,000 matches to get their GP to what it is!

Posting here as only PS has non-install load times.

people might not have HDD space, simple as!!

Up until SF4, every time a game i bought had a compulsory install, it pissed me off because my HDD space was/is limited. I buy a lot of games, and care more about my hard drive space than i do a couple extra seconds of load time. SF4 was the first “optional” install i’ve seen on a PS3 game, and after playing for two days, i went ahead with the install, limited space be damned. Why? For one, it seems kind of silly to have to wait ten seconds to play a match that may well last less than a minute, just to wait again when it ends. That’s not a great ratio of waiting to playing, y’know? But even more than that, of course, is the fact that if you’re playing online, it’s not just yourself that’s being subjected to the wait: it’s the other guy(s), too, and that just plain sucks.

Besides, hard drives are fairly inexpensive, easy to install, and don’t even void your PS3 warranty.

Just sayin’.

It is beyond my intellect how anyone would willingly play more than 3 matches of the game un-installed. But you also need to take into account that the US National Comorbidity Survey reported that nearly half of Americans meet criteria at some point in their life for a mental disorder.